Under The Oak Tree review
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Love Story Of The Flawed - Under The Oak Tree

Under the Oak Tree is a Korean webtoon written by Kim Suji, illustrated by P and adapted by Namu.

Under The Oak Tree

It's a flawless love story of the flawed.


Under the Oak Tree is the story of Riftan Calypse, a former mercenary transformed captain of the Rembrandt Knights, and Maximillian Croix, the mistreated first born little girl of the ruthless Duke Croix. The pair wedded by a settlement but the knight promptly winds up leaving her the day after their wedding event night. 3 years later, he returns an esteemed commander recognized throughout the kingdom for slaying the Red Dragon as well as being concerned about bringing her home. Getting rid of the struggles of their lives as well as the difficulties they both end up falling in love as they slowly uncover the truth concerning each other.

The main characters:

Maximilian Calypse is a pleasurable surprise as a character. As stated in the property, Maxi stutters. And if we base it on her dialogue, it's a moderate to serious stutter, this impediment leads to her being rejected by her Own mother and father.

She is both physically as well as emotionally abused by her own father, the one who is expected be her shield against the discrimination of the world.

Her psychological scars were too deep and also instilled in her character after the fight, it methodically stripped her of self-respect as well as self-confidence that she would ever find someone that would certainly enjoy and also treasure her. The truth that she stammered and lacked the social abilities to express her sensations made it more difficult for the kindhearted woman to say what was on her mind.

On the flipside, we have Riftan Calypse, who certainly sees Maxi as much more than his other half of benefit. The problem was, despite the fact that Riftan was a good-looking and also a great knight, he was basically an oaf when it came to ladies.

They're virtually contrary sides of the very same coin and are both inexperienced in partnerships. They both are troubled about other individual's feelings however both retain the same values in life.

Love in the tale:

Now both the characters have their defects yet the truth that they are as well worried to interact is just one of the webtoon's main concerns, however even a blind person can see they're the excellent suit.

Sure, there are times it obtains discouraging, yet at the same time, it's what gets readers hooked

to the collection. The climbing tension and uncomfortable minutes between them is what makes the follower joy and root for them as well as captivates the target market right into residence deep into their trip also squashing the aggravation of cliff-hangers we normally get in these manhwa as well as manga.

Because of their innocence, their love seems so pure it makes viewers want to sob.

Currently, just because it's wonderful doesn't mean it's not warm. This series has a lot of crackling scenes between Riftan and also Maxi that will certainly make viewers flush as well as swoon at the same time. The discussion often verges on cheesy but it still works as a result of the personalities.

Riftan as well as Maxi look so excellent with each other and also the manner in which Riftan is so protective of Maxi and also wishes to offer her the world is simply also lovely. Maxi is slowly trying to fit into her duty as the Woman of Anatol but her concerns often make her unclear of her position in Riftan's life (no matter how he reveals to her how much she indicates to him).

The background:

It's really interesting how much information regarding the world the visitors are already given. The currency, business economics and even the setup of the world isn't that new-- a sensational globe inspired from European mediaeval age and feudalism.

The Extraordinary Art:

Among the amazing things about manhwa as well as manga contrasted to their Western modernity is that when it involves the art, more often than not, what you see is what you obtain. There are times when Western comic publishers do this point where the cover art is not drawn by the developer of the series and the art design is different from what's within. It throws every person off each time.

The lines and also forms of the characters in this series appear deceptively easy, however the artist is extremely generous with their use of textures. It actually has 5 different structures in one panel.

Using lighting is also amazing and also viewing as this is set in a fantasy globe with dragons as well as mages, I bet this selective use of lights would make scenes with magic much more legendary.


This collection is certainly a delight to read and also I want to finish this with a caveat:

At the moment, Under the Oak Tree is a lovely satisfying read with so much possibility. This is absolutely not the last time you'll listen to anything fantastic regarding this series from me or any sane webtoon fanatic.


  • Overall Rate 4.5/5
  • Translation Quality 4/5
  • Updating Stability 4/5
  • Story Development 4.5/5
  • Character Design 4.5/5
  • World background 4/5
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