The Ultimate Summer Bucket LIst
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The Ultimate Summer Bucket LIst

Live life to its full capacity: Go hard or go home.

The Ultimate Summer Bucket LIst

The season that most of us have been waiting for since it ended is finally here. Summer! Now lets face the facts. With a minimal budget, how many bucket list items can one complete? To live and learn, sometimes we need to sacrifice some money, but there are still cheaper options. Now here is a list of some awesome things that you can do this summer to achieve a peak of no regret.

1. Go skydiving

This one might be cliche, but I was compelled to include it. This is for the adventurous risk-takers.

2. Get a professional massage

What would summer be if you couldn't relax for once?

3. Go somewhere exotic

And I am not talking about somewhere that exotic invasive species have taken over, like in the middle of Africa. I am suggesting somewhere safe that you have never thought about traveling to. It could be a humid as Cape Verde, Africa, or as chilly as Bavarian Alps, Germany.

4. Eat at a place you cannot afford

If you go to a place that charges $150 per plate, then you may actually become thankful that you have never eaten there before. Instead of continuously longing to eat at a "rich" restaurant, you will learn from your mistakes and never go to one ever again. You will learn that you wasted a week's pay on a two-by-two inch piece of flounder. You will be oddly satisfied that you took such a risk.

5. Take a hike

Literally do this. This one is for people who like a good workout and a great challenge.

6. Make an investment

It could be anything from property to raw material to debt.

7. Buy a pet

Whether it's as large as a great dane or as tiny as a neon tetra, pets seem to bring content to a household.

8. Get a piercing or tattoo

I'm personally not a fan of tattoos, but if you are then go ahead and get a new arm sleeve. Piercings are only fun when they are in the right places and only changes your appearance to an extent.

9. Go scuba diving

To do this with sharks would be ideal. Who doesn't like the feel of adrenaline rushing through their body?

10. Get in shape

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Even if it only lasts a couple of weeks, go on a food diet and exercise a ton! You will feel great and be proud once you finish.

11. Do something to give back to the community

It could be a community service task like cleaning up litter, or it could just be buying a meal for a homeless person who is begging on the street. This inner good will have a lasting effect on your soul.

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