The Ultimate Food Instagrams To Follow
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11 Food Instagrams to Follow If you're a total foodie

Two words: food. porn.

@foodie on Instagram

Admit it: nothing brightens your day more than scrolling through your Insta feed and coming across the most beautiful bowl of pasta you've ever seen in your life. Literally, your whole day is better because that bowl of pasta is forever ingrained in your memory. And you know what? Tonight, you're gonna treat yourself to a delicious Italian meal. Thank you, food Instagram accounts, for giving us life. Looking for some new accounts to follow? Look no further.

1. @hotspothunter


Her most recent feature: mouthwatering donuts from Flex Mussels in New York City. Yes, please!!

2. @new_fork_city


Three recent college grads have been running this account for over 4 years! And they have restaurant recommendations for every neighborhood in NYC, probably. Use their hashtag #NewForkCity for a feature.

3. @tooomuchfoood


Morgan's bio: "I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry." Same girl.

4. @food.drunk


Can't help but drool over this National Mac and Cheese Day

5. @infatuation


If you're not reading your local Infatuation every day, I'm not entirely sure what you're doing with your life. It should be everyone's go-to for restaurant reviews and recommendations. Plus, if you follow along in their Instagram stories, you get to watch them review restaurants in real time. Also, they created #EEEEEATS.

6. @tastesbetterhere


Breakfast content is 10/10 and that's really all that matters, right?

7. @feedyourgirlfriend


The caption for this picture is "Don't be upsetti, just eat spaghetti" and honestly, that's all the positivity I need to get through the week.

8. @briancantstopeating


Brian, you're not alone.

9. @omgitsbomb


Yes, this is burrata pizza. And as the handle suggests, it looks bomb. Enough said.

10. @foodintheair


The ultimate foodie Instagram is obviously foodintheair, combining the most beautiful food and landscapes into some amazing pictures. #fita

11. @foodie


Okay, sooooooo maybe the ultimate foodie Instagram is actually @foodie. I take back my previous statement. But seriously, DROOLING.

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