The Ultimate Double -Standard
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The Ultimate Double -Standard

Boys suck and girls are always right, right?

The Ultimate Double -Standard

As a female, I genuinely can't say I agree with half of the statements that are posted on your social media pages. Men are consistently called "pigs", "dogs", and even worse. If any females were called that, it would be World War III. We would cry about it being disrespectful. Why do we claim that we want equality and to be treated with respect? We're going about it the wrong way, this topic gets me fired up more than anything else. THE DOUBLE-STANDARD HAS TO GO!

Men are consistently bashed on social media. Girls will hype up their friends for exposing a guy. However, when a guy exposes a female for doing something sneaky or for cheating, her friends reply, "You didn't give her enough attention, so someone else did." That's not okay.

The tweet above inspired me to write this article. If a guy were to tweet this, angry girls would say that he is petty and childish. Females want respect? Earn it (not by tweeting how much you hate every guy and that women don't need men). A male did help to create you, so technically, you needed a man at some point in time.

Girls are offended when a male prefers a woman who looks a certain way. But, when a girl says that they want a boy who's over 6-feet tall, has washboard abs, veiny arms, a nice smile, and a decent package, it's "not objective at all" and "totally attainable" for many men. I mean, we're women. We want what we want, right?

"Women are not objects that you can sexualize." This rule should apply to both genders. If women should not be sexualized, then women should not sexualize a male's body either. For example, a list was posted on BuzzFeed that showed male lugers' bulges as something to admire. There is a quote with a picture from the 2018 Winter Olympics, "3. These moose knuckles, aka male bullllllges, flying effortlessly down the Olympic luge track, are a thing to behold." This is honestly ridiculous. Men can't even participate in a sport without their junk being more important than how they performed.

Guys suck. I don't know why females are attracted to them anyway. All they do is cheat, take forever to text back, and hang out with "the boys" on the weekends.

If "guys suck", then leave them alone. Don't speak to them and stop chasing after them for their attention.

"All guys are the same." Again, since Jimmy from the frat cheated on you last weekend, it simply means he cheated on you the entire time. That also means every guy is a cheater. But women are diverse; not all cheat, lie, or are high-maintenance. It's simple to make a woman happy. Don't you get that? If you don't know how to do that, listen up. I'll give you a couple of tips to follow. Spend all of your time with her, never make plans without telling her, text her back as soon as she texts you (even if you're in class, playing a video game that you can't pause, or sleeping), buy her gifts whenever you see her, always post about her so that everyone knows you're taken, and make sure to prioritize her above your family and education.

Guys hitting on girls is gross. It objectifies them. I've actually gotten a Snapchat from a girl where she claimed that a guy told her that she was beautiful, and she was offended. People love compliments and I see it as a small confidence boost when someone compliments me. If we're being honest, I've probably hit on more guys than they have hit on me. It's Shoot Your Shot 2018, in case you were unaware. Men DON'T have to make the first move.

If you didn't catch the sarcasm in my article, I'll spell it out for you. Girls and guys cheat. Both genders lie. Girls are generally more high-maintenance than men. A double-standard exists whether you believe it or not. I understand that not all girls have an outlook similar to mine. Attractive and unappealing traits are carried in both women and men. Boys are not always in the wrong. They are not always at fault when something goes wrong. Each person should be held accountable for their own actions as an individual. No one should be generalized as a population. End the double-standard.

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