The Ultimate College Dorm Packing List
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Student Life

The Ultimate College Dorm Packing List

This is everything I have packed and ready to go for move in day!

The Ultimate College Dorm Packing List
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Well, here I am on August 16th, 6 days away from the real deal - college move in day.

I was a little stuck on what to write this week, but I figured since it's my last week at home and by this time next week I'll be in my dorm room, I'm going to share everything either me or my roommate has bought and packed for college.

Bedding and Bath Essentials

Twin/Twin XL* Comforter

Twin/Twin XL* Sheets - I bought two sets so that I always have a back up set.

Throw blankets - (I'm bringing three because you can never have enough fuzzy blankets).

Pillows - I'm bringing two pillows

Sheet Straps - I bought one set of twin xl sheets not knowing I needed twin, so sheet straps will be a life saver for me.

Shower Caddy - Thankfully I don't go to a college where communal bathrooms are a thing, but a shower caddy will still be helpful and I knew that it would be essential.

A loofah and body wash

Towels - I personally got four body towels, two hand towels, and two wash cloths.

Shampoo & Conditioner - A given.

A razor

*college specific

Room Essentials

A new desk lamp - The one I got has a spot for a plug and a USB port.

A storage cart - This is going to be a great thing to have for food storage and many other things.

A mini fridge

A microwave - My lovely roommate bought our microwave, but it's still important to mention.

A small rug - my roommate and I bought the same rug so that we could each have our own, not to mention, big rugs are expensive.

A fan - if you're anything like me, you have to have some soothing noise while sleeping so a fan is the way to go.

A desk trash can - I just grabbed a cute, colorful one from the dollar section at Target.

A lock box - One of my family members brought this up as an essential and I have never thought of it until they said something. You never know what could happen, and you'll want your most valuable things protected.

Over the door hooks

Command hooks

A Brita water filter - I can't wait to use this thing.

A tapestry

A regular trash can - This is the one for actual trash, not just paper from your desk.

A hamper - I bought a super cute pop-up one from Target.

Reusable plastic dishes - Cups, Bowls, Plates, Silverware, etc.

Keurig - My roommate loves coffee so this was a total essential for her.

A drying mat - To set your shower caddy on when wet so it doesn't get everything else wet.

School Supplies

Going back to school is one of my favorite times, specifically because of school supplies, so here's everything I bought or am bringing to college with me.

A new backpack


Lap desk


A planner - I am a person who tends to forget things, so a planner will help me a lot.

Two 1/2 inch binders - I wasn't sure I would need these, but I got them just in case.

College Ruled Notebooks

5 Colorful Folders - I have 5 classes, so you could get however many you wanted.

Mechanical Pencils

Pens - I bought an 8 pack of both black and blue pens.

Post-it notes - I am a Post-it fanatic, so you don't have to get these unless you really want them.

Post-it page markers - I got these to use for studying purposes.

A mini stapler and a pack of staples

Mini colorful ballpoint pens

A pack of 1,000 flash cards - I love using flash cards even though they can be a pain to make.

A three hole punch


Other Miscellaneous Things I Thought Necessary

A portable phone charger

An ethernet cord

A cute box to put all my makeup in

A new toothbrush

A new hair brush

Heated hair tools - If you use them.

A full length mirror

A DIY, mini first aid kit

Cleaning/Laundry supplies

I have no idea if I will need some of the things that I have decided to bring along with me, but here is my complete list of everything I am bringing to college with me!

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