Do you remember when I wrote a cheat sheet on the men of Lindsay’s season? Well, I’m back at it again with the ultimate cheat sheet for watching this season of the bachelor! If you're like me, you probably can't keep all of the balayaged-blondes straight... Don't worry, I gotchu boo!

I should probably be researching something else, considering I’m a senior in her last semester, but there is something about Arie that I can’t ignore. I mean, look at him!

Before we dive into the current contestants, let's give honorable mention to the bachelorettes who are not on the show anymore *Cue Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds*






Brittane J.

Brittany T.




Lauren G.

Lauren J.

Lauren S.




Okay, now we can start!

1. Ashley

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

How We Recognize Her: The quiet one

2. Becca K.

Occupation: Publicist

How We Recognize Her: Down-to-earth who got spoiled rotten by Arie

3. Bekah M.

Occupation: Nanny

How We Recognize Her: The Baby

4. Chelsea

Occupation: Real Estate Exec. Assistant

How We Recognize Her: Pro-Glam/Mom

5. Jacqueline

Occupation: Research Coordinator

How We Recognize Her: The girl who almost drank her own pee on a group date

6. Jenna

Occupation: Social Media Manager

How We Recognize Her: She wants a man who is "funny with a sense of humor"

7. Kendall

Occupation: Creative Director

How We Recognize Her: The taxidermist

8. Krystal

Occupation: Fitness Coach

How We Recognize Her: This season’s villain (or heroine depending on how you look at it).

9. Lauren B.

Occupation: Tech Salesperson

How We Recognize Her: Probably the winner, considering she's the sole survivor of the "Laurens."

10. Maquel

Occupation: Photographer

How We Recognize Her: The wedding photographer, super ready to be married.

11. Marikh

Occupation: Restaurant Owner

How We Recognize Her: More Kardashian than the Kardashians themselves.

12. Seinne

Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Manager

How We Recognize Her: Hardcore Demolition Derby Driver

13. Tia

Occupation: Physical Therapist

How We Recognize Her: The Southern Belle


That's it! Good luck to these lovely ladies and yourself as you finish watching this rollercoaster of a season on The Bachelor.