Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like an ugly sweater. What was once a tacky fashion faux pas is now totally on-trend. When dressing up for holiday parties this year, the tackier your sweater, the better!

So why not get everyone in on the fun? Christmas sweaters may be ugly, but the important people in your life are far from it. Show them how much you care with these funny and festive sweaters they're sure to love.

For Your Mom

There's nothing more stressful than hosting on the holidays, and nothing relieves stress quite like wine. Gift your hard-working mom this super cute sweater that makes pouring another glass (or drinking straight from the bottle) as quick and easy as possible.

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For Your Dad


If there's one thing dads love move than corny jokes, it's beer. Get your dad this sweater he can enjoy a nice cold one in.

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For Your Sister

Since the release of Disney's "Frozen," sisters everywhere have been singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" Remind your sister than she's the Anna to your Elsa with this sweet and cozy sweater.

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For Your Brother

If your brother is a "bro," he'll love this beer-pong-inspired sweater that doubles as a game the whole family can enjoy.

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For Your Girlfriend

Give your girlfriend this adorable sweater to remind her that she's the greatest gift you've ever received.

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For Your Boyfriend

Help your boyfriend root for his team in seasonal style this year with an ugly NFL sweater. (Just be sure to select the right team's sweater!)

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For Your Best Friend

Take your best friendship to the next level this season with a two-person sweater. Because there's absolutely no one else you'd want to be stuck with (literally) at a holiday party.

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For Your Grandma

If your grandma has a good sense of humor, she'll love this "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"-inspired sweater.

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For Your Grandpa

A grandpa is like a real-life Santa Clause. He's jolly, generous, and fun. So gift him a Christmas sweater that features Saint Nick himself.

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For Your Dog

Your pup is a member of your family, so don't forget to include them in the fun! This sweet sweater comes in sizes that will fit any four-legged family member.

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