Things I'm sure my (and your) Uber driver has experienced:

1. Picking up a shacker from her walk of shame.

2. Drunk girls crying on their ride.

3. "Can you hand me the Aux Cord?"

4. *Uber driver talks to passenger and they don't answer at all*

5. "Do you have water bottles or peppermints? My other Uber did and it also had fun rave lights."

6. "How long have you been Ubering?"

7. Drunk girls bonding in the back seat.

8. Drunk guys trying to fight each other.

9. Drunk guys telling each other how much they love each other.

10. Anyone drunk singing.

11. Getting hit on by passengers.

12. "Can you drive me through Chick-fil-A?"

13. People hooking up in the back seat.

14. People breaking up in the back seat.

15. Passengers passing out in back seat.

16. Passengers throwing up in the car.

17. "No, turn this way -- Uber maps is wrong."

18. *Uber driver pulls up*..."Can we all squeeze in?"... "Sure."

19. The most on-point memes I've ever seen:

.... and you answer and they're like, "oh I've been there one time," and "do you know ___?". NO.

..... I've never finished a drink faster in my entire life.

... my Uber driver can never find me!

... always a bonus when your Uber driver lets you keep it.

Remember to tip your uber drivers for all the things you put them through!