Typical Conversations You'll Have During Break
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Student Life

Typical Conversations You'll Have During Break

Typical Conversations You'll Have During Break

Ahhh the holidays. We all love coming home to welcoming arms and warm family greetings. Our family members, friends and neighbors all want to catch up with the months of your life that they have missed out on. All these conversations will probably include something along the following lines of ...

"OMG, so good to see you, how are you doing?"

When you run into that high school friend you swore you would keep in touch with but have yet to speak to since graduation — you know, that conversation. You ask them how they are and how they like [insert university/sorority name here] and you finish with, “Let’s get lunch soon!” Let’s face it, that lunch will never happen. Hug them goodbye and continue on your way. 

"What are you studying?"

Extended family and neighbors with whom you really have nothing to talk about, love to ask you about your choice of study. When the question is answered by anything that isn’t engineering or accounting, the subtle “oh” and demeaning stare they are certain to give you break you down and makes you glad you came home. "Math isn’t my strong suit." 

"How were your grades this semester?"

Every year you are bound to hear this dreaded question that you are almost always reluctant to answer. Some people just do not understand that when we come home for the holidays after having a hell week of exams, the last thing we want to talk about is how our hard work and late nights at the library really didn’t pay off. GPAs don’t mean that much in the real world, right? 

"What are the bars like in [insert college town name here]?"

Could be asked by high school senior attempting to choose which college to go to or your middle-aged neighbor who genuinely wants to know. Either way, your answer is basically the same. You'll not expose any information that could lead to your parents finding out that the $20 you spent at Balls Bookstore wasn't actually on the calc textbook you needed. 

"Still haven’t found a job yet?"

Typical grandparent or dad question that you'll get even though you still have two years until graduation. Always follows with an in-depth conversation about the job market and the economy. This rant with sometimes circle back around to the topic of your useless major that will get you nowhere in life. 

"Did you hear about so-and-so?" 

One of the better conversations you love to have with your high school friends. You love to indulge in the failure that is your former high school acquaintances. Even though you may not be doing too hot in school and barely passed calc, you feel a little better about yourself knowing you still haven’t been too much of failure.

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