The Types of People You Encounter In An Emergency

There are many different types of people you will encounter in a storm or any potentially dangerous situation. They range from relaxed, to the preparers, to the dooms day. Each one is funny to encounter and all are interesting. With Hurricane Hermine hitting the south, lets look at some of these people.

1.The calm.

For these people, the impending storm does not seem to phase them. "Its just rain. We will be fine. Do not worry."

2. The worriers.

These people will know anything and everything to know about the storm even if this storm is not effecting them directly. These people just want to be very prepared but in actuality they worry themselves sick over nothing. Their mind always goes to the worst case scenario. On the bright side, when the worst does not happen, they are pleasantly surprised.

3.The preparers.

These are the ones you see at Wal-Mart the days before preparing for what seems like nuclear warfare. They are ready for any thing that happens.They will survive what is coming no matter how big or little.

4. The partiers.

These people are stocked up on tons of supplies and I do not mean food and water. They are armed with many many many games and make a fun time out of being stuck inside. They are most likely to not remember the whole ordeal.

and finally.......

5. The ones who get on the news.

These are where we get our viral videos that we love so much. These people are a special group of people and we love to watch them. News teams always seem to find the best people for this and they keep them coming.

Any one of these that you fall into,stay safe. Be prepared. Know your plan. If you do not have one, make one and discuss it. Listen and stay aware of your situation. Know your local shealters and go when needed. Do not be dumb. Better to play safe than be sorry.

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