If You've Ever Been To Disneyland, I'm Sure You've Met These 12 Different Types Of People
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If You've Ever Been To Disneyland, I'm Sure You've Met These 12 Different Types Of People

Who knew you could do so much people-watching at The Happiest Place on Earth?

If You've Ever Been To Disneyland, I'm Sure You've Met These 12 Different Types Of People
Bailey Drake

Out of all the vacation spots in the world, one of the most popular places continues to be Disneyland. The Magic Kingdom truly has it all, fun rollercoasters, beautiful spots to take pictures, and of course, great food.

Since Disneyland is so popular, there a lot of different kinds of people who are going to come to the park. I'd be willing to bet you've seen at least one of these people at the park, maybe even on your most recent visit. Here are twelve different people you're sure to see at Disneyland every time you visit.

1. The person who's been there a thousand times and still gets caught up in the magic every time


I'm this person through and through. This person almost always cries whenever they walk through the gates, they have to take pictures of everything in the park even though they've already taken a billion on past trips, and they've sometimes even called Disneyland their second home. They've also been known to dance through the streets and are always ready to have the Best. Day. Ever!!

2. The "Nightmare Before Christmas" fan


This person is always wearing black against the backdrop of bright colors in the park. They're usually spending most of their time at the Haunted Mansion and the Tower of Terror, when it was still open. This person probably sported a lot of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" when it was Tim Burton's latest creation, but now they're pretty much only wearing "Nightmare" merch again. The other group that falls into the same vein as this person is the person who only wears Villains merch.

3. The person who's always complaining about all the changes made to the attractions


You can't please everybody, and this person is living proof. They definitely made sure Disneyland's Facebook comment section know they were not pleased that Tower of Terror was being changed to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. They get riled up when Disney so much as changes the music in a certain area of the park. They want the park to stay exactly the way it was when they were growing up.

4. The person who can ride every attraction in one day


This person is up at 6am after staying up the night before making an itinerary for the day. They're first in the line when the gates are open and after that, they stop for no one. Their sole mission is to get through the entire park in one day, and it's almost like a game. Their next mission is to go through the entire park twice in one day. They're certainly up for the challenge.

5. The frazzled parent with a screaming toddler


If you're going to pity anyone in the park, it's this person. They've been on their feet all day, and their tiny tot just won't stop crying. They've been trying everything, but their toddler still hasn't fallen asleep yet. So just give these people some space. They've had a very hard day.

6. The parent who REALLY doesn't want to be there anymore


You remember the Facebook post that mom made that one time about the "childless millennial" buying a pretzel, and her kid didn't get one? That's this person. They enjoyed the park for the first thirty minutes, but now they're fully ready to go home. The only question that remains is who has to tell them that they have two more days left in their so-called vacation.

7. The person who's there for the Instagram photos


In a way, we're all this person. We want to get the cutest pictures we can at the Happiest Place on Earth. However, there are a few people who rise above the rest in this category. They're usually spotted wearing either rose gold Minnie Mouse ears or a Monsters University hat as well as super stylish Disney clothes. They really know how to work their angles and love to use the colorful walls as a perfect backdrop to their latest post.

8. The person who spends all day eating turkey legs


Seriously, this is all they do, just sit on Tom Sawyer Island and eat their turkey legs. They're probably on their fourth leg by now. When did they go up to get them if they've been sitting all day, you ask? It's one of life's greatest mysteries.

9. The person who went a little bit too crazy at the shops on Main Street, USA


I get it. It's so easy to drop a couple hundred dollars at the Emporium or Elias and Co. But there are some people who will rent a stroller for the day so that they can carry all their treasures. They aren't satisfied with just one mug, they want the entire wall's worth. They don't just want a Cinderella doll, they want every last Disney princess doll.

10. The person who knows everything there is to know about Disneyland's history


These people didn't even need to watch "The Imagineering Story" on Disney+ to know everything about the park and its history. They're a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to the Magic Kingdom and have even proven the tour guides and Cast Members wrong on a couple of things. This is definitely the person you want with you while you're at Disneyland because they always have an interesting piece of Disney history to share with you.

11. The person who has at least a thousand pins of one lanyard alone


Pin trading is an element of Disneyland that is becoming almost a lost art. However, this person is keeping the tradition alive through sheer will. They have at least three lanyards full of pins, and they're always willing to let people admire them. Their pins range from your standard Mickey Mouse to the "exceptionally rare" (To quote "Aladdin"), like the snowman from Pixar's "Knick Knack" (Which my brother actually owns).

12. The people who wear family vacation T-shirts


Is this cringey? Absolutely. But you can't deny that a family having fun together is adorable. If this is how they want to have fun and enjoy their vacation, that's cool. At least this way they won't lose anyone in the park for too long.

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