9 Types Of Girls You Know, Love, And Probably Hate
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9 Types Of Girls You Know, Love, And Probably Hate

This is what makes us girls.

9 Types Of Girls You Know, Love, And Probably Hate
Matheus Ferrero

Ah, girls. We love them. We hate them. We are them.

While every female you will encounter will offer some lesson in your life, it is important to be able to analyze them before anyone gets hurt. The reality is that us girls surround ourselves with girls that bring out the better qualities in one another. Yet along the way we always meet another who just causes a mess. But your best girls are always there to clean it all up.

Before things get messy again, let’s look a little into some of these types of girls and what to do with them. If you find yourself in one of these categories (which you should), don’t panic! We need girls, of all types, to keep this world going round and keep the shrink’s office busy.

1. The Good Girl

The Good Girl is the stereotypical girl who does everything expected of her and then some. She’s probably racing to finish her life plan that maybe her parents planned out for her because she wouldn’t want to disappoint them. She’s never sloppy but knows how to have fun. The Good Girl always supports her friends even in the deepest mistakes and remains a shoulder to cry on. While she may not be the first to go out with you or be your wingwoman, we all need the Good Girl in our lives. Wife her up.

2. The Alpha

May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. Otherwise known as the leader. I don’t care who says anything different, this girl is always in charge. Every good friend group has one: someone to call the shots and decide if it’s a heels or flats kind of night. Non-Alphas either want to be her or strangle her. I say the safest bet is to befriend her, unless you are her of course. Being able to rely on your very own Alpha to pick the restaurant and the meeting time and who’s driving is just one less thing for you to do. Go Alphas!

3. Serial Dater Girl

We love this girl, she’s usually our friend. But that doesn’t matter because we never see her because she’s always off with her newest boyfriend. One boyfriend, one heartbreak, and she’s back in the game once again. Is there something wrong with this? Depends on who you ask.

The Serial Dater is really great on advice with boys and relationships considering she’s been in so many. Most times, the Serial Dater’s latest victim brings a friend for you! And what is so wrong with that? At the same time, the Serial Dater often doesn’t give herself enough time to recover from the last boy or fix her own mistakes to implement in a future relationship. Leaving her in the cycle. What do we do to help? Just watch, I guess.

4. The Low-Key Party Gal

Watch out for these gals! But may we all be so lucky to have one in our friend group. By day, she’s shy and quiet, does what she needs to do and get’s her work done. But as the sun sets, this girl is the life of the party and always down to rally. It’s almost a distinct persona change that goes in and our every night. Almost like a werewolf. The Closeted Rally-er is one of the best types of girls because she’s got your back by day when it comes to advice and assistance, but in return you may be holding her hair back in the bathroom at 2 AM. Keep partying, girls.

5. The Drama Queen

While most believe the Drama Queen Girl is just someone who chooses to surround themselves with drama, I think the Drama Queen is more defined by her reactions to the most mundane circumstances. With the Drama Queen, events like grocery shopping can’t even happen without some sort of overreaction. You either love her or you hate her. And if you don’t have a drama queen in your life, odds are it's you.

6. The Really Really Desperate Girl

It’s basically the feminine version of the “publicly accepted” stage for college boys to be able to hook up with anything that moves. For boys, we cringe, accept it and move forward. For girls, oy.

If she’s in the group, we simply shower her with love and brush her off every time she gets hurt. But on the inside, we know she’s seriously messed up. If we are her, we know what we’re doing is wrong and we’re never gonna find the “one” but putting our tongues down anything within ten feet, but we do it anyway. And we know we’ll regret it in the morning. Stay strong.

7. The Two-Faced Girl

Oh, we love this girl.


Do yourself a favor and try to spot her early to avoid the pain. But if you don’t here’s what you can expect. There are different stages of the Two-Faced Girl. She’s a gem at first. You feel so lucky to have found this wonderful girl who is so sweet and seems to get you. She’s got your back. She’s a shoulder to vent and cry on when you fail a test or break up with your boyfriend. And just when you turn away for a second, BOOM she sleeps with your ex-boyfriend. But don't worry, she won't even have the decency to tell, you'll hear it from another girl on this list. Nasty.

Turns out, the only interest she has in mind is her own. She’s beauty and grace to your face and a white liar on the side. Don’t be the Two-Faced Girl. And if you find one or have one in your group, run like hell.

8. The One Of The Guys Girl

No, she’s not always out trying to get a date, she just genuinely enjoys her time with the guys. The guys love her for her knowledge of football and the advice she can give them to other girls. It's a certain personality type boys enjoy having around where they don't feel pressured to flirt with the gal. Odds are she’ll end up dating one of them, but that still may not put a rift in their relationship with the boys. Get one of these in your friend group, she’ll keep you updated with all the best gossip from the guys.

9. The People Pleaser

The kind of girl you bring home to Mom! The People Pleasing Girl differs because she’s either pleasing to fit in or pleasing because she genuinely puts herself above others. Either scenario doesn’t make the People-Pleasing Girl a bad addition to your friend group. Actually, you’ll probably really enjoy having her around. Odds are, underneath every People Pleaser is a Good Girl. Maybe crack her shell and find her? Or just enjoy her the way she is.

Make sure she memorizes your Starbucks order early on.

Wherever you find yourself, just remember, no matter what kind of girl you are, we run the world.

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