When we're not admiring Tyler's bond with Josh, we're swooning over his marriage with Jenna. I'm about to reveal myself as the world's biggest Twenty One Pilot's fangirl, or as we endearingly call ourselves, member of the clique, but that's OK. Here's just a few reasons why you should be Team Jyler as well.

1. They haven't let marriage deter them from bragging rights.

2. Their goofy natures pair quite nicely.

Making us all a little jealous we don't have someone to wear matching horse-heads with.

3. They have the whole matching thing down to a tee.

They've somehow managed to make matching with your significant other look less manic and more 'awww' worthy. Don't try it at home though. This is a look only Tyler and Jenna can pull off.

4. The way they look at each other is definitely swoon-worthy.

If you haven't been convinced thus far, I'm sure a quick glance at these pictures will make you melt into a puddle of warmth.

4. They never forgo an opportunity to show each other off.

5. And show off to each other....

7. He includes her in his crazy world.

This was taken from his music video, "Tear in my Heart." This music video featured his wife, Jenna.

8. Yet despite his crazy tour-filled life, she is his whole world.

9. And she him...

10. And if you're not already completely, crazily envious of this gorgeous blonde, just remember:

That's right. She gets to kiss him, while the rest of just get to go to his shows with the hopeful anticipation that maybe just maybe he'll look our way.

But seriously, I speak for the entire skeleton clique when I say that we're all enormously happy that the man whose words have been so instrumental in dragging us out of our darkest of days has found himself in such a beautiful love story. I'll probably be jealous of Jenna until the day I die, but I'm glad you find her.