2019 was the year of wayyyyy too many memes. But we stan a good meme. Especially during Halloween season.

Shoutout to the internet for giving us hundreds of hilarious Halloween costumes for 2019. From TikTok to Twitter, you did NOT disappoint us.

1. Kylie Jenner Rise and Shine

2. Kombucha girl

3. Chris Evans as golden retrievers 

4. Imprisoned Felicity Huffman

6. Sexy Popeye's chicken sandwich


7. Sexy Mr. Rogers

8. Sexy White Claw

9. Dennis Quaid and Meredith Blake...I mean, his new wife.

10. The "and I OOP" girl.

11. Greta Thunberg

12. "The Office" Ladies 

13. Captain America and Peggy

14. America's Ass

15. The salmon jacket from "The Bachelorette"


16. Chris Harrison and Hannah B.

17. The windmill...you know what we are talkin' about.

18. 14/10: We Rate Dogs

19. The "Game of Thrones" Starbucks cup