As I am writing this article, I am about a week away from turning 20 years old. While I am excited to begin my 20s, I am also a little peeved at the idea of being 20. Here are some reasons why.

1. I'm an adult but I'm still not 21

While turning 20 is a milestone, it's not the most exciting. I get to start my 20s but I'm still not allowed to go out. I'll be turning up at home with a whole gallon of apple juice and some birthday cake instead.

This really makes me feel like 20 is the age equivalent of a filler chapter in a cheesy novel when the author doesn't know where else to go.

2. The inevitable crisis

I have heard from many of my friends that right before they turned 20 they had a total crisis about not being a teenager anymore. As I near my 20th birthday I can definitely say the same for myself. I think that the idea of no longer being a teen is very weird and it's hard to believe I have already been alive for two decades.

Ultimately though, I think that these crises are small and they don't really define the rest of your 20s.

3. You don't even feel different

Everyone puts so much emphasis on starting your 20s. While I do think it's pretty cool that I will be in my 20s soon... I also probably feel the same now as I will when my 20th rolls around.

4. It is unarguably the most anti-climactic age

When I was younger I remember being so excited to eventually be 20... but let's be real. Once you turn 18 you feel pretty much the same until you turn 21. It's all just that awkward phase of being an adult but not being allowed to rent a car or buy a beer if you want.

5. It's just one long year of anticipation

In the end, turning 20 is one long bridge to turning 20. It's full of anticipation and more feeling exactly the same as you did at 19.

So, basically being 20 is a scam and I want my money back.