I just want to start off with the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving furry felines. However, at 21 years old I have definitely acquired the crazy cat lady title. But what does a crazy cat lady entail?

1. You don't own any black pants

It does not matter how many times we wash our jeans, and especially leggings, no pair of black pants are safe. I have a lint roller in my car at all times, and no matter how many times I roll it over all of the places where I thought all the hair was, there is always a huge spot, or a million stray hairs that I missed. Plus they always decide to be lovey dovey right as you are about to walk out the door... or maybe they are secretly trying to ruin your outfit. The world may never know.

2. Having to lock them out of rooms

My cats flip out if I lock them out of any room that I am in, and have no problem with sitting right outside the door, and meowing and moaning making it sound like WWIII is happening right outside my door. They also know the rooms that they absolutely cannot go into, and sprint in there the minute the door cracks open 1/8 of an inch.

3. Not knowing if you just really don't wanna go out, or if you just really want to hang with your cats

My friends just know at this point if I don't want to go out, I really just want to hang out with my cats. Or, they can't tell whether or not I am joking... but I don't joke about that.

4. Cereal is not a safe breakfast option

This isn't entirely their fault, but one of my friends used to give them the extra milk out of the cereal bowl, and now they will try everything to get into my bowl. Climb the chairs, hop onto my shoulders, get on my lap, the table...there aren't any safe spots anymore.

5. You have more cat items than you will ever admit

Between shirts, towels, pajamas, signs, and everything else, it's hard to say no. My personal favorite things are: a sign that says "I work hard so my cat can have a good life" and my go-to wine glass that says " It's not drinking alone if the cat is home".

6. You find cat toys EVERYWHERE

I don't know why, but they somehow always end up in my gym bag... Is it because I'm spending my time at the gym and not loving on my fur babies? They know how to guilt trip.