"OTP" stands for One True Pairing. Every show has an OTP. These are just some of my favorite OTP's that I think a lot of people agree with.

Nathan and Haley - "One Tree Hill"

Everyone who’s ever watched One Tree Hill knows Nathan and Haley were meant to be together. Through all the up’s and down’s they had, they never stopped loving each other and they never stopped fighting for each other.

Meredith and Derek - "Grey’s Anatomy"

I think it is safe to say everyone wanted and knew they would end up together. They are literally perfect for each other and it was obvious to everyone.

Callie and Arizona - "Grey’s Anatomy"

Another Grey’s couple that everyone was (or should have been) rooting for. They were made for each other and are perfect in every aspect.

Eric and Tami - "Friday Night Lights"

They supported each other through everything and never gave up.

Chuck and Blair - "Gossip Girl"

The two most vindictive, secretive, amazing people on TV. If you didn't know they were meant to be together from the beginning were you even watching the show?

Damon and Elena - "Vampire Diaries"

This one is a little more difficult. Some people are Stelena fans while others are Delena fans. But let's be real people it's Delena all the way. Enough said.

Ross and Rachel - "Friends"

They have been in love with each other the entire show. Whether they are together or apart everyone knows Ross belongs with Rachel and vice versa.

Ben and Leslie - "Parks and Rec"

Love is everything for them. They overcame so much and ended up on top.

Kurt and Blaine - "Glee"

First love. High School Sweethearts. They are totally meant for each other. Since the moment they met everyone knew they were going to be the couple to watch.

Schmidt and Cece - "New Girl"

I have been rooting for them since the very beginning of the show. They are so blatantly perfect for each other it made me so angry when they weren't together.

Marshall and Lily - "How I Met Your Mother"

They show what a true relationship should be. They have a fun relationship that doesn't necessarily mean giving up the friendship side of your relationship.

Mitch and Cam - "Modern Family"

Opposites attract with them and it just works. They are (or should be) everyone's favorite couple. They work perfectly and keep the show going.

Jim and Pam - "The Office"

They are just goals. Best friends who fall in love. Who doesn't want that?

Obviously there are so many more but these are just the shows that I have watched and I feel are the most important! I know TV shows aren't real but because of all of these couples, it really makes me feel everyone has their One True Pairing.