Imagine if I invested as much time in my schoolwork as I did on the relationships of fictional couples — I'd be a straight-A student. Here we are, however, Netflix addiction and all with a few examples of TV romances that deserved so much better.

1. Jack and Rebecca Pearson in This Is Us

I don't exaggerate when I say that I cried at least once during every episode of This Is Us. Jack Pearson is the type of man any woman would die for. The Jack and Rebecca love story is unmatched by any other fictional couple. Through every hardship, their love remained pure and Jack would do anything for both his family and his wife.

When he died of smoke inhalation, though I knew it was going to happen, I cried for hours. Rebecca was left a widow, raising three children while mending her broken heart and I knew damn well that they deserved a much longer love story than Dan Fogelman gave them.

2. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy

The death of Derek Shepherd, to this day, breaks my heart. After 11 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, even I knew Derek needed a head CT after his car accident. Meredith and Derek survived a gunshot, love affairs, and long distance, but because Derek just so happened to be a good Samaritan and help someone on the side of the road, their story was cut short. Thank you, Shonda Rhimes, you break my heart every day.

3. Jane Villanueva and Michael Cordero Jr. in Jane the Virgin

Jane messed around in this Michael-Rafael love triangle for too many seasons. When she finally chose to marry Michael it felt as though everything was finally falling into place. Of course, though, Michael had to have a near death experience that didn't kill him immediately.

Instead, the producers waited for a few episodes before he suddenly dies during his LSATs. I was rooting for Michael and Jane, especially since Jane had her happy ending with the love of her life, but instead was left heartbroken.

4. Phoebe and Mike in Friends

When we think of Friends, we think of Monica and Chandler or Ross and Rachel, but no one really gives Phoebe and Mike enough attention. They complimented each other so well, but we never saw enough of them as they were overshadowed by the other power couples.

5. Brooke and Lucas in One Tree Hill

I will forever be a Lucas and Peyton fan, but Brooke deserved more credit. Though she did date Lucas first, Peyton and Lucas were destined to be together. Their relationship ended when Lucas decided to be unfaithful, but who could blame him when his middle school crush finally had feelings for him. Nonetheless, they didn't deserve to end on such a bitter note, especially since they had beautiful moments together and loved each other throughout.

6. Hank and Karen in Californication

While Californication isn't the most popular show on Netflix, there are many captivating moments anyone can relate to. Highly recommend. Hank and Karen have the most complicated relationship, but at a point for they just needed to pull their heads out of their asses and love each other. When Hank finally gets his life on track, Karen marries someone else.

When Karen finally realizes she still loves Hank, he accidentally sleeps with someone else — watch the show for a better understanding of that one. While they do have a kid together, they never seem to work out their issues, even though it's obvious they will always come back to each other.

7. Barry Allen and Iris West in The Flash

For all the superhero nerds out there, I know that you've always rooted for Barry and Iris. With Barry always having to save the world from another metahuman, their relationship was never able to flourish. When they finally end up together, something has to be altered in the time continuum that forces them apart. It's just a never ending cycle for these two.

8. Rory and Dean in Gilmore Girls

Innocent Rory Gilmore always went after the bad boys, both in high school and in college. Her high school sweetheart, Dean, was so pure and loved her with all his heart. Of course, she was rebellious, despite her perfect grades and admission into both Yale and Harvard, and chose Jess Mariano and then Logan Huntzberger. Rory and Dean never stood a chance, but they deserved a much better ending than what Rory allowed.

9. Lexie and Mark in Grey’s Anatomy

After the plane crash everything changed for the Grey's Anatomy crew. Lexie and Mark were such a beautiful couple, and I don't mean specifically their relationship, they were just beautiful looking people. The death of both of them stirred up some somber feelings for episodes to come as Lexie and Meredith were sisters and Mark and Derek were best friends. The death of any fictional couple is heartbreaking, especially when they go out together.

10. Andy and Erin in The Office

They were no Jim and Pam, but there was still a spark between the two. Andy and Erin were awkward, but fun-loving and I honestly thought they were a perfect match. So what, she ends up with Pete? No one put up with her awkward mannerisms and incompetence just like Andy.

11. Nate and Serena in Gossip Girl

I will always ship Nate and Serena over Dan and Serena. Their lives lined up as they were both Upper East Side born and raised and they were just one of those couples who looked good together. Even though Serena does choose Dan over Nate, they stay close friends for the entirety of the show, so I guess they did have a happy, platonic ending.

12. Barney and Robin in How I Met Your Mother

Barney is the biggest player New York City saw in How I Met Your Mother with his body count hitting 200 women in season 4, but there was something about Robin that kept him grounded. Even when they found out they were third cousins, they still got married. Yeah, after three years they got divorced, but their manipulative, Type A personalities aligned so perfectly that I thought maybe they stood a chance.

13. Kourtney and Scott in Keeping Up With the Kardashians

I know, Kourtney and Scott were a real couple, but I was still rooting for them. They have an entire family together and it would just be a perfect Hollywood match up if they worked out their drama. Scott, obviously, didn't treat Kourtney right, but he seems to have gotten his life on track now. So I say, why not?