We all love a good TV show. I don't know about you guys, but I get so emotionally attached to fictional characters. The girls are so perfect and the guys just set the bar WAY too high. In almost every television show, a character leaves for a short period of time or, even worse, for good.

What makes a great television show is great characters that you can connect with, and when those characters leave, it makes the show feel different. They're still enjoyable, but they never seem to feel the same.

This list will hit you in all the feels because these iconic characters should've never left their show. Beware! There are spoilers ahead!

1. Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell - "The Office"

I cry every time I watch the "Goodbye Michael" episode. The show wasn't that bad after Steve Carrell left, but it definitely wasn't as good. It wasn't the same without Michael's weird humor and awful management skills to laugh at. When he came back for the season finale, you know damn well I was tearing up again.

2. Allison Argent, played by Crystal Reed - "Teen Wolf"

There were so many beloved characters that left Teen Wolf, but Allison departing from the show seriously just ripped my heart out. Did she really have to leave by dying? At least she took her last breath in the arms of her first love, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey). I always thought the two would be endgame, but her untimely death got in the way. Cue the tears!

3. Eric Foreman, played by Topher Grace - "That 70s Show"

Eric is one of the most hilarious characters in television history, not to mention that the show was mainly focused around him. After Topher Grace decided to leave the show, the network should've ended it. The humor just wasn't the same without him. Plus, it was a little weird the rest of the cast continued hanging out in his basement without him there.

4. Derek Shephard, played by Patrick Dempsey - "Grey's Anatomy"

After 11 seasons of iconic romance, this is what we get? Death? Really? He couldn't go away to more med school or something? Any other outcome would've been better than seeing Meredith a widow.

5. Lucas Scott, played by Chad Michael Murray, and Peyton Sawyer, played by Hilarie Burton - "One Tree Hill"

Nathan and Haley are obviously the best couple on the show, but I loved watching Lucas and Peyton's on-and-off relationship. It was sad that we were no longer able to follow their journey, but I am glad that they left the show together. Thank goodness they didn't kill one of them off, like half the other shows on this list.

6. Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev - "The Vampire Diaries"

Okay, at least Elena didn't technically die. She and her friend Bonnie, played by Kat Graham, were no longer able to live at the same time due to a spell placed on the two. After Bonnie died for a hot second in the series finale, Elena was able to come back to life, and was reunited with her one true love, Damon. Although we missed Elena for a few seasons, it was nice to see her come back and get the happy ending she deserved.

7. Michael Coredero, played by Brett Dier - "Jane the Virgin"

This may have been one of the most unnecessary deaths of all time. We thought Michael would be in the clear after surviving being shot, but The CW decided to make matters worse and have him die from some heart malfunction. Watching Jane hear the news had me heartbroken, but last season's finale showed Michael miraculously alive. Let's hope that he faked his death and he's back for good!