College Kids Will Always Make Time For TV

When I was home for winter break, I started watching "The Masked Singer." When I got back, I found out one of my roommates also watched it. Then we found out another one of our roommates watched. Finally, our fourth roommate happened to be downstairs while we were all watching and decided to join in.

Yes, once a week my house would sit down to watch celebrities sing covers while completely unrecognizable. It may not be the most interactive experience, but when some weeks were hectic it was the only time we saw each other.

College students will always say they're busy. We're either in class, at work, at some other activity, or pretending we're being productive while catching up on our shows. It's something interesting to focus on without actually having to do anything - which sometimes is very needed.

Take the day one of my roommates and I watched six hours of "Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race." That's right, we didn't watch "The Amazing Race," we watched a cartoon parody of it, and yet it's still one of the best times I've had with my roommate.

TV is also easy to bond over because it's super easy to talk about. If you start talking about "Game of Thrones" then you'll suddenly find five other die-hard fans. Someone talked about it at one of my club meetings and we immediately had an entire group of people who wanted to watch the season eight premiere together.

TV made one of the organizations that I'm a part of. Who else is going to join the first season of an on-campus "Survivor" game other than people who love the actual show? Now we watch it weekly at my house.

TV can invoke emotions, it can consume your day, it can even bond you with others. These stories we turn on ultimately give us a way to get out of our own heads for a little bit.

Whether it's a Netflix binge or a weekly hour carved out one thing is for certain - TV isn't going anywhere soon, especially for college students.

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