Turning 21 is a monumental milestone in every college student's life. A whole new array of possibilities is now upon you such as bar nights and happy hour. Instead of ordering your traditional water or soft drink, you may now ask for the beer and cocktail menu. Say goodbye to frats in favor of dance floors at bars. You can now experiment with a wide variety of liquors at bars. My personal favorite is a mojito with lime but there's so much out there I have still yet to try. If alcohol isn't your thing, you can now make hotel reservations and even rent a car.

1. Happy hour

2. Margaritas

3. Mojitos

4. Wristbands at functions

5. Hotel reservations

6. Renting a car

7. Bar entry

8. Nightclubs

9. Ordering drinks at restaurants

10. Beer at made in america festival

11. Trips to the liquor store

12. Wine and cheese combos

13. Winery trips

14. Open bars

15. Bartending classes

16. Food and wine tours

17.Learn how to make your own cocktails

18. The wine and beer section of the grocery store

19. BYOB events

20. Your ID is now horizontal

21. Best of all.. you're over 21 forever now