11 Turkey Day Jokes To Use At Dinner
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11 Turkey Day Jokes To Use At Dinner

"Gobble till you Wobble"

11 Turkey Day Jokes To Use At Dinner

Telling a Turkey Day joke over Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect way to dodge questions asked by your relatives that you don't want to answer. They also pose for some good laughter for you and your family to share. And since they're all a little corny (pun intended), they'll fit perfectly at the dinner table.

Why did the turkey cross the road?
To show that he wasn’t chicken.

Why didn't the taxidermy want seconds?
He was stuffed.

Why didn’t the Pilgrim want to make bread?
It’s a crummy job.

What’s a turkey’s favorite dessert?
Peach Gobbler.

Where do you find a turkey with no legs?

Exactly where you left it!

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Who’s never hungry on Thanksgiving?
The turkey. He’s always stuffed.

Why shouldn’t you look at the turkey dressing?
It makes her blush.

What’s the best way to stuff a turkey?
Take him out for pizza and ice cream.

What happened when the turkey got into a fight?
He got the stuffing knocked out of him!

How much did the Mayflower weigh?
A Puri-TON.

What did the pilgrims use to bake cakes

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