We are only a month into summer! Everyone needs to calm down as August is merely a step away. There is plenty of time to "tune-up" those playlists on Apple Music, Spotify, Sound Cloud, or whatever music medium you use these days. Here are 10 of my favorites that I have been putting on repeat as of late.

1. Panama - "Always (Classixx Remix)"

https://www.youtube.com/, watch?v=Uq_qdCGMEpo

After seeing them for their latest stop in Chicago at Virgin's Cerise Rooftop, Classixx reminded me they never fail to bring that summery-dance vibe to kick off a fun-filled day. The LA-Based DJ duo has a real knack for producing those "feed good" songs, especially this gem with funky bass and easy-going lyrics – always.

2.. Cut Copy - "Black Rainbows"


Debuting their latest album in 2017, Australia's Cut Copy delivers this song, which fosters that awesome vibe they've established – "electrofied, groove-led sound of indie rock."

3. Hot Chip - "Melody of Love"


I promise we'll move away from the groovy indie-rock. Hot Chip snuck up on me this summer with a brand new album, and I needed to address it by including it as a must-add to summer playlists around.

4. Aretha Franklin - "Rocksteady"


Hearing this song for years at Frampton shows, I finally discovered what it was last Sunday. I should have trusted my ear all along, Aretha's voice stands in a league of its own in this fulfilling upbeat funk-o-rama.

5. The Story So Far - "Light Year"


This will likely be part of the day or night where you are a few drinks deep and want to belt out some punky lyrics like your youth days – depending on how old you are. This is the concluding track on TSSF's newest release, "Proper Dose."

6. Wilder Woods - "Supply & Demand"


"Supply & Demand" is a modern-day release that evokes a retro-feel that cannot go ignored. It has a pleasant and joyful tone which I tend to gravitate to and deserves recognition for such.

7. Chance the Rapper - "All Day Long"


Not going to lie, this song evokes every feeling I heard when listening to "Champion" by Kanye West for the first time. While Chance's newest work faces lots of varying criticisms, this is a hell of a vibrant and beautifully curated song. Did I mention a nice feature by John Legend, too? Oh yeah – that too.

8. Big Sean - "Single Again"


Big Sean does not shy away from his relationship status with this one, "Single Again." It has a very reminiscent part, the female-to-male harmonization, which "Jump Out The Window" displayed. I cannot suggest songs without providing variety, and while on the softer side, "Single Again" is one bumping tune for the car rides.

9. Billy Ocean - "Dance with Me (Yacine & Zimmer Remix)"


Whenever I heard this song, I always think about how bad I want to drop it in the middle of a party and get everyone to dance. While that will probably not happen, I like to imagine it can happen.

10. Rufus Du Sol - "Like An Animal"


Looking at my Summer Rewind playlist from Spotify, and paying tribute to Lollapalooza weekend in a few days, we will conclude with the energy-thrilled, yet soothing tune from Rufus Du Sol. It was a pleasure seeing them live in 2016 – and if you have not heard of them yet, give them a listen. They have some great "running" songs for you non-"EDM" fans.