Tumblr, the magical place where we spend hours procrastinating, browsing relatable posts, and experiencing the "feels." Other than following our favorite fandoms and delicious food posts, it is impossible not to encounter hilarious posts that are perfect descriptors of the college life. The following posts accurately describe the struggle of being a college student:

The struggle of living in a college dorm:

When the beautiful, organized dorms on Tumblr make you jealous. But then again, Tumblr understands your lack of neatness and motivation:

Roommate struggle...unless your roommate(s) are awesome!

Tumblr is so relatable, it understands both situations: whether you and your roommate can't seem to get along or are the best of friends:

Dining hall struggles:

When Tumblr understands your dependence on healthy homemade food...and your new dependence on pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The struggle of being a broke college student

Tumblr, you understand us on a spiritual level.

The procrastination struggle

Let's be honest, at least one of your tabs is Tumblr, Facebook, or Netflix right now, while your unfinished essay sits there with only your name written on it.

Finals struggle

We just want to pass our classes and go home!

The struggle of getting back your grades

Whatever, we're just glad it's over!

Aside from the funny and sarcastic posts, Tumblr is actually helpful in providing motivation and tips to study!

*Some helpful study blogs to follow, use Tumblr wisely!