I have always been one to have an optimistic outlook on life, due to the influence of my overly positive mother, and that contributed towards the way I quickly began to see life: as a great fortune. Although initially, I cannot say I was pleased to find out that Donald Trump was our nation's president-elect, I have grown to shoo away the negativity in lieu of the fact that this election did, in fact, take place, and its results, while upsetting, are irreversible. Many people may not agree with this outlook, as his commentary has been vulgar, sexist, racist, and all of the above — but, again, there is no point on spending angry energy on something that is simply unfixable.

I cannot say that I have respect for this man to who, in five days time, we will call "Mr. President," but I can say that I am hopeful that he will at least attempt to assume a more responsible character when he claims the "POTUS" title. Perhaps his economic policies will play out in a pleasing manner if he is able to follow through, and perhaps his attitude will change as he is thrown into a role that involves interactions with a diversified group of people. Perhaps not. There is no telling how Trump will react following his inauguration, as he is known to be a bit of a wildcard (to put it delicately).

I do not believe that Trump knowingly instilled a previously unfounded rebellion fueled by hatred and racism. Sure, his comments were inappropriate, beyond a doubt, but I would hope that a man running for the leadership of our nation, would not have the kind of evil in his heart that would drive him to wanting this maliciousness to take to the streets. One must be mindful that, while many of these cruelties came to light following his win, he was not the one who posed them; they were always lurking in the shadows, but it was not until those who hid them felt empowered that they reared their ugly heads.

I hope that he will log off of Twitter, and delve into what is truly important to our nation's well-being. I like to think that much of the way he acted during his campaign was in order to target the vote of the majority, which, unfortunately, happens to be a people that do not necessarily see eye-to-eye with many liberals, or many conservatives. But then again, many educated, righteous people voted for Trump to win the presidency, so there must be some reasoning behind that. All in all, I want it said that there is no telling what will happen for the future. We cannot sit, divided and fuming, and expect our problems to go away. We must remain united and keep our heads up, as we hope that our country can survive standing on its own head.