Try Journaling for a Week and You'll See the Benefits
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Try Journaling for a Week and You'll See the Benefits

I am a frequent journaler, it has helped me so much that I think everyone needs to try it.

Try Journaling for a Week and You'll See the Benefits

Journaling is singly one of the most beneficial tasks any person can add to their daily, weekly or even monthly schedule. The task itself may be draining at times but produces many benefits. Try to journal for one full week and soak in all the perks of it. Here are some of the benefits I discovered.

Bad habits.


I have always struggled with healthy eating, when I first started journaling I wrote about what I ate each day and saw a pattern. I used to eat fast food about 3 to 4 times a week. Through journaling I realized that and have cut my fast food consumption to about once every two or three weeks, of course I still tend to break it here and there but it benefits my diet a lot. Without deciding to journal I wouldn't have discovered that bad habit.

You get to reflect on your day.


People tend to have busy days, sometimes my days are jam packed and I do not get to ever think about what happened. When you take that 5 mins to write about your day, you get to see all the great things you've accomplished or are in the process of accomplishing. Take those 5 mins before bed to just write about your day.

You can read it later.


This one is typically happens when I have really big problems in my life. When I run into life's numerous road blocks I tend to get stressed and write about them. Once time has passed and I have made it through the road block I will go back and read what I wrote and how I was feeling and then reflect on the issue. It helps me understand my personal strength, which makes me think more positively about myself.

It helps with personal growth.


I know this is basic, like people say journal because it helps you become a better person. It's all true through! When you journal it allows you a place to vent your thoughts in a healthy manner. Rather than engaging in other activities that could potentially cause harm, therefore helping you grow in aspects you did not know you needed to.

Every lifestyle youtuber/instagramer/author/vlogger all tell you to journal your thoughts, but they're right. You do not know how many youtube videos I had to watch to finally crack open a journal and thankfully I did because I had a lot of things I wanted to change about myself. I really encourage all of you guys to at least try to journal everyday for a week, trust me you'll get results in some way shape or form.


One of my most memorable journaling moments was during this past semester. I spend a lot of time watching the sunset with friends all over the ASU Tempe campus. There was one instance where I decided to do it alone because that day was rough, and I felt that my mood was negative to the point where being around people would not benefit anyone whatsoever.

So I decided to bring my journal and write out my thoughts while watching the beautiful desert sunset. I know, that so like Tumblr right. All jokes aside, it was super helpful to write down all my thoughts as the night approached. Watching the sky flow from a light blue to a mix of yellow and orange with an ending of a dark purple, really made my thoughts more clear and helped me have a good ending to my day.

I am going to link a YouTube video by one of my favorite lifestyle Youtubers Matt D'Avella. It is about his journaling journey, when he wrote for 30 days straight. His channel is about life and improving you lifestyle by adding different habits to your daily schedule.

What I Learned by Journaling for 30 Days

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