Do we ever really take into account how much time we spend on social media? Or how many times we just go on our phone to avoid awkward situations or how about we just go on because its where we feel comfort. Whatever the reason be social media has a positive and negative effect in everyone's life whether or not you want to accept that fact.

In todays day and age if you don't have Instagram, snapchat or any other social media than your not viewed as accepted from a society point of view. How many times have we got asked what is your snap name or Instagram? We always depend on social media to be our comfort spot. But why not just take a break from it?

Taking a break from social media might sound really hard and it also might sound like you really think I'm going disable my accounts? Going unplugged for a while doesn't mean you have to stay away from social media all your life. It just means to stay away from it for sometime.

But how often do we actually have the courage to press the temporarily disable account button? What's stopping you from pressing the button? Maybe its a text that just happened to be delivered at the vary time you decide to quit social media or maybe your just not wanting to do it.

Whatever the reason be its really time to let go. Let go your dependence on social media. Let go of always texting back or ignoring people because you don't want to read their texts. Going unplugged for a while is something I tried myself and each time I go unplugged I actually enjoy it.

Going unplugged may be a great experience for you. It gives you time to just really reflect about yourself. Where are you at? Have you accomplished what you wanted? Where can you improve? Do you even feel happy about yourself and what your doing in life? Or do you mask your feelings up and give the fake image that your happy?

The experience is really worth a shot. I get it it can be hard to just find a day to temporarily deactivate social media but you will never know the true value of yourself and never will have a true reflection of yourself unless you take the time to focus on yourself just for a while. When you went unplugged for about a week or two you really do realize how much dependent you are on social media and you realize that social media itself isn't really what makes you unique.

What makes you unique is not what your posts are about but what you are about. Don't let the amount of likes, amount of retweets or the amount of views define you. You are what you are and you can define it all in reality. Because behind that screen no one really knows your story or what your going through. I would highly advise everyone to just take a couple of days off social media and you will be surprised on how much your missing out on.