If You've Ever Thought About Trying Curology, Here's Every Reason To Do So
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Student Life

If You've Ever Thought About Trying Curology, Here's Every Reason To Do So

It literally changed my skin so much!

If You've Ever Thought About Trying Curology, Here's Every Reason To Do So

I've always dealt with really oily skin. I went through so many different skincare products in high school trying to combat the oiliness and keep my skin looking healthy. Luckily I only got acne from playing sports, but it was never a problem for me when I hit puberty like most people. When I turned 20, everything went downhill from there.

When summer came around my oiliness somehow got worse and I started dealing with cystic acne. My face was always super red and sensitive and pilling on sunscreen didn't help. It was extremely painful and just gross if I'm being honest. For the first time, I was really self-conscience if I went out in public with no makeup on. I tried changing my skincare routine and adding in products that would treat the acne. It just made things worse and made my skin hurt even more. I eventually found out that the products I was using were too strong and they were stripping my skin of things that it needed in order to get better.

I was about ready to ask my mom if I could see a dermatologist because it was clear that my trial and error with products just wasn't working for me. I had seen Curology ads here and there before, but I never thought anything of it because I wasn't dealing with acne at the time. After scrolling through their Instagram and the fact you get your first month for $5, I figured I might as well give it a try.

I was kind of weirded out that the whole process was done online and a dermatologist judged what I needed based on pictures. The quiz you take beforehand was pretty simple to go through but was more detailed than I thought it would be. You, then, end the whole process by sending in multiple pictures of your face from different angles. A dermatologist evaluates all of your information and recommends a formula that will help you the most.

I was told to use the formula for at least 8 weeks before I would see results. I was told to do the bare minimum for 4 weeks so my skincare routine consisted of a cleanser, the formula, and a moisturizer. No fancy masks or serums. They even sell their own cleanser and two moisturizers. Of course, things got worse before they got better. The formula had to have time to draw all of the bad things deep down in my skin in order for my acne to clear up. The cool part is I was able to contact my dermatologist right from my phone when I had a question or a problem.

I've been using it for five months now and my skin has completely turned around. My oiliness is sooooo much better, I rarely have acne anymore and if I do, it goes away really quickly. The redness is gone and my face isn't sensitive anymore. I've even noticed that my pores are smaller and my blackheads are slowly disappearing. Overall, my skin just looks so much healthier and hydrated. I no longer worry about going out in public with zero makeup on and I have added back in some of my favorite serums and masks. If you haven't tried this product, you definitely should! My biggest advice is that you stick with it. We often want results super quickly, but it takes a long time for skin to clear up. If you can make it two months as I did, you'll be golden. If you need even more convincing, just go look at customers before and after pictures on their Instagram or website.

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