15 Truths Of Having A Pixie Cut
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15 Truths Of Having A Pixie Cut

At least if you're me!

15 Truths Of Having A Pixie Cut
Sydney Stoddard

So, I've had my hair short for about 2 years now, and while I am in LOVE with it (hello 15-minute drying time!), it comes with its own struggles, just like any other hairstyle will. Thinking of getting your hair cut short? Curious what it's like to never have a ponytail? Here are 15 truths about having a pixie cut (at least if you're me).

1. Yes, you can put your hair up (but never do it in public).

Once your hair gets long enough on top, YES, you can technically put it up with a ponytail holder. You just look like Pebbles from the Flintstones. It's a beautiful thing when your bangs are making you crazy and you have nowhere to be. Even beyond that, if your hair gets even longer, you may be able to put it up in public.

2. Will of the force? More like will of the Pixie.

How you woke up? That's how it's going be, man. My hair's always been a person of its own, and it's shortness has changed nothing. It wants to be wavy? I can't straighten it for my life. It's decided that it wants to be a bit flat today? Headband it is. I feel like we negotiate daily what our plan is, and sometimes we argue, alot.

3. Sometimes you can wake up and do nothing (and it's perfect).

You put in the dry shampoo just right, or it's the perfect length. Some days you can look in the mirror, and it's wavy in just the perfect way. And that, THAT is a good hair day. I usually smile, know that this is rare, and hope for the best. Because for every perfect hair with no effort day, there's the inverse of it...

4. Sometimes you are just going to have a bad hair day.

The hair in the back is sticking out, and you have no choice. You woke up with a cowlick like you can't imagine. You tried to go for that fourth day and it's just not gonna happen. Some days you have no choice but to admit your mistake - and know to never do it again.

5. Beanies are your BEST FRIEND.

Believe me. Any issue. Beanies CAN hide it. Hair won't go down in the back? Beanie. Bangs need to be put back, but they're too long to look good in a headband? Beanie. Honestly, the fact that dress codes keep me from wearing my beanie is a point of sadness for me. I wish I was kidding.

6. Every Pixie Cut wearer has a secret weapon

Every cut is a bit different so we all use different things to help us. From headbands to hairspray to pomade to beanies, all pixie cut ladies have something that helps us make it work. The good news there? There's ALWAYS more solutions to your hair issue to look into. The bad news? Sometimes you got to look for a while.

7. When your hair is "long."

Waiting to get your hair cut is a true struggle. It's long, flat, and not what you want. My headbands don't work anymore, beanies can't hide my mop of hair, and I'm sad. While my hair isn't actually long, of course, to me, it's crazy. I'm putting my hair up in a silly ponytail as often as possible.

8. When your hair is too short.

There is also nothing you can do here. By the same token as too long, you feel like there are no options except to wait for it to grow, or scour Pinterest for ideas for hours.

9. Pixie cuts can suit anyone.

Literally anyone. It's just all about what cut you get.

10. It's possible to get bored with your pixie...

It totally is. Especially if it's too long or short like mentioned above. But beyond that, sometimes you WANT to do something fancy with it. You just do. And the fancy styles that your long-haired friends use just ain't gonna cut it for you (for obvious reasons).

11. ... but YouTube and Pinterest can help with that!

SO MUCH. There is something for everyone. Others have been there, and they have all sorts of fancy ways to make you feel like your options are endless.

12. Your guy friends will give you hair advice.

My ponytail holders don't break. My bobby pins don't slip. But the struggle to find good pomade? Or how to get it to not go off in some weird direction? See, that I get. When you had long hair, you noticed the girls with hair like yours to get help from, and now you're looking for BOYS with hair like yours.

13. You LOOK different.

You just do. You don't have the sexy long hair like some of the girls in your class do, you don't have cute buns or braids like they do - but honestly, your pixie cut is pretty bomb, and you know it. Sometimes you feel out of place with shorter hair than everyone else - but trust me, it looks cute.

14. You connect with other girls with pixie cuts.

Girls tend to flock with people who look like them, and this is definitely true for pixie cuts. If I see a girl with a brown-haired pixie cut, I try to go out of my way to talk to them. Because we all cut our hair for some reason- and usually we're pretty interesting people

15. Nothing beats being asked for a ponytail holder.

It's hilarious. You don't want to laugh. But sometimes you do.

Having a pixie cut is kind of a journey in and of itself, but it's one that I definitely enjoy being on. I remember getting it cut and just absolutely loving it - and it's one of the few haircuts that people DO notice. And notice a lot. Even when you just get it shorter again. I hope this was helpful to those maybe thinking about it or just curious what it's like!

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