It's that time of year again - finals are fully under way for most universities in America, and we all know that they're easily the most stressful part of the semester. Praying you'll get that D up to an A might be a long stretch, but you're trying anyway. Here are the stages of finals as told by the 2016 presidential election.

1. Pulling an all-nighter to relearn an entire semester's worth of material.

2. The entire morale on campus has dropped.

3. When you're answering that open-ended question.

4. Falling asleep taking your test because you were up all night studying for it.

5. When you get to a question you don't know.

6. Watching the night fly by and realizing you haven't slept.

7. When students after the test are discussing whether the answer to question fifteen was the French Revolution or the Mexican-American war and you got "3".

8. When you're trying to convince yourself you didn't take an L.

9. When you think you know what you're doing but you still fail.

10. When your parents ask you how you think finals are going.

11. When the teacher curves the grade and it's finally over.