There's a cliche that says, "The truth will set you free." And, while being a cliche, it is completely true. Telling the truth, even if you do not end up getting what you believe you deserve, is crucial in being able to keep your sanity and happiness. Telling the truth is beneficial in many different situations in order for jobs to be easier, as well as to be a trusted individual in society.

Even if the truth is difficult to prove, that doesn't mean that you should back down from exposing the truth. If an individual has wronged or committed a crime against you, then you do not have to explain why you want retribution for it, especially if it has had a profound negative impact on your life.

Even if "justice is not served" in your case and you feel like no one is there to listen, then listen harder.

You are never alone, and you will always have your people to surround you. Even if it means that you are on the receiving end of defaming statements such as being a "lying whore" or "someone who doesn't know a flirtation from rape," then the only way that you can truly combat that is through happiness. Better yourself and focus on your health both mentally and physically in order to not fall into the trap of believing the defamations that are brought against you.

Telling the truth, whether it plays out in this world or the next, will always "win out." Telling the truth allows you to know that even if things don't go your way, you are in the right and that there is nothing that can be said about it. While using this defamation as a type of negativity to bring a person down, build yourself up. Create your team of supporters, people who push you and people who tell you like it is. These are the people who will tell you the truth and bring happiness to your life, which is always the key to success and moving on from terrible situations.

It's not easy, but it's something that needs to be done.