Sometimes, we are put into tough situations just out of the blue. Other times, we intuitively know the outcome of a situation, but we ignore the warning signs until the end.

This has happened to me more times than I can count.

I get gut feelings out of nowhere, and I choose to ignore them because my head tells me something else. My head has a different idea in mind. It focuses on the here and now, and my gut sees into the future.

Most times, this happens in the course of friendships and relationships.

I am very happy and excited at the beginning of new relationships and only see the positive. Some may say this is a good thing, and to an extent, I think it is. However, this becomes a problem when I push the negativity and "red flags" to the wayside and choose not to focus on them until they hit me like a ton of bricks.

And that's when I know my gut was right.

A lot of times, I am not too happy with the outcomes because they weren't a part of my plan. They aren't something I could control, and to me, that's very frustrating.

But that's what God is for.

He created this whole world in seven days, so how on Earth am I supposed to believe I can control every single thing that happens in this life.

So, I think these slaps in the face (or slaps in the gut!) happen for a reason.

It's our reminder that God's got this. It tells us that His plan is infinitely better than our own.

I believe that even though this certain situation frustrated me to no end, it all happened for a reason.

That's where the gut feeling comes in. God is waving his hands all over and crying out to you the situation just isn't going to work. And sometimes, we choose not to listen until we realize He was right all along.

That's what grace is for. We take it as a life lesson, learn from our mistakes, and move on with our best foot forward.