Donald Trump Is The Ultimate Twitter Troll
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Donald Trump Is The Ultimate Twitter Troll

Trump is trolling and so many of his opponents are falling for it.

Donald Trump Is The Ultimate Twitter Troll

According to, the word "troll" is defined as:

"to post inflammatory or inappropriate messages or comments on(the Internet, especially a message board) for the purpose of upsetting other users and provoking a response."

I hate to break it to all of you Trump-haters, but he's trolling you day after day...and you're falling for it.

Don't get me wrong, I think some of his tweets are cringe-worthy, but I don't dignify them by giving them more attention. I voted for Trump...actually, I voted AGAINST Hillary and knew better than to waste my vote on any other candidate besides the other major party. Truthfully, when he announced he was running for President, I thought it was just some publicity stunt. I didn't think there was any way he could win.

I was wrong. It wasn't the first time, and it sure won't be the last.

Anyway, I'm a student of history...especially U.S. History. I loved it in high school and college. I also taught it for many years at both Gordon Lee and McCallie. I'm no expert, but I probably know more U.S. History than the average American. I'm going to list and discuss a few of the things I've heard Trump opponents (notice how I didn't say "liberals" or "Democrats" here) say or post lately:

1. He's disgracing the office of the President of the United States.

I just shake my head every time someone screams that he's doing this with some of his tweets. For the folks who are saying that, do you have any idea how many former Presidents have disgraced the office with behavior much worse than posting things on Twitter? I'm certainly not judging as I have no right to do that to anyone, but do a little research on some of our past Presidents. You'll see that disgracing the office is a fairly common act. I can promise you that if any social media had been around in 1828-1836 Andrew Jackson would have absolutely lit it up and shown everyone what disgracing the office really looked like.

But that certainly doesn't make it right, I know. I'm just saying that it's not unprecedented so let's stop with that angle.

2. He's not acting presidential.

What, exactly, does it look like to act "presidential"? Should he wear a powdered wig? Okay, that's a bad example as he probably actually should wear a powdered wig to cover up THAT hair. But who am I to make fun of anyone's hair? You get my point though, right? I agree that his social media behavior doesn't look "presidential", but we've never elected anyone like Donald Trump. What I'm saying is that he specifically told us that he wasn't a politician. Politicians don't say what they really mean because they are afraid they will offend someone. Donald Trump is the anti-politician. He can say...and tweet...exactly what he feels because he simply doesn't care what anyone else thinks. That doesn't necessarily make him a jerk or not presidential. He just doesn't care about his own personal legacy. He cares about making this country better. You can disagree with that and that's fine. But if you think America is the once dominant power that it once was and is respected and feared world-wide, you're sadly mistaken.

3. He's mean and trying to intimidate people/the media/his opponents.

Frankly, there's some truth to this one. But, lets be honest, what do you really expect from a character like Donald Trump? I remember when he first said he was running, I said that he "couldn't win" because he was a "cartoon character". Now, I didn't mean that as an insult to Trump. I meant it as an insult to my idea of the American voter. I've found that people don't necessarily like being told the truth. Donald Trump tweets and says what he considers to be the truth. He's not a politician and he said as much throughout the campaign. People should stop expecting him to tweet like a politician. He's simply not going to do it. Does he HAVE to tweet the things that he does? No. Should he tweet the things he does? No. But, it's not like he changed once he became President. He's always been this way. Prior to Trump, every single person who has ever been elected President has been a politician for quite some time. Trump hasn't. He's always been...well, Trump. As far back as I can remember, Trump has always just done and said what he wanted to do and say. Being the POTUS hasn't, and won't, change that.

So, maybe you would act differently if you were the POTUS. Maybe I would too. But we aren't the POTUS. No amount of whining, attacking on social media, protesting, or anything else is going to change Donald Trump...and you know that. With that in mind, if he's upsetting you, why are you letting him troll you so hard?


I love a lot of the stuff Trump tweets because I've always been someone who thinks America should take care of America first. I'm a huge defense and military supporter. I think America should hit back harder than we get hit. It's okay if you disagree. I'll still consider you a friend.

I also think some of the stuff Trump tweets is entirely inappropriate...for anyone...not just the POTUS. But he doesn't make me mad. I realize that he's just being himself.

During football season, I troll UGA fans pretty hard. Eventually, the smartest ones figured out what I was doing and quit responding. That certainly made it much less fun for me. If you really want to voice your disagreement with Donald Trump, ignore him. I can guarantee that he's not going change either way. So, maybe try making your life easier and just ignore him. Now, if you consider it fun to engage in a Twitter war with every Trump supporter you can find, then go right ahead. I understand that behavior. But if his tweets are ruining your life, just block him.

Now I'm wondering what Andrew Jackson really would have tweeted...

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