Why Trump Finally Hit A Nerve

Why Trump Finally Hit A Nerve

Trump's vulgar video has caused an uproar.

I figured out a long time ago, before he was the Republican nominee, that Trump is intolerant of anyone who differs from himself. A lot of people, however, didn’t seem to figure it out until very recently, and it’s all because of the video that was released in which Trump says incredibly vulgar things about women. This includes him bragging about sexually assaulting a woman, which includes the phrase “grab her by the p---y.”

Let me start off by saying that when every single one of the living former presidents of the United States does not endorse Donald Trump, it makes a statement. Besides the presidents, Barbara Bush, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, and John McCain will not be voting for Trump.

Recently, even Mike Pence, who has staunchly defended his running mate in the past, has been unable to make an excuse for Trump’s vile words. Many Republicans are wishing for Mike Pence to be the presidential candidate, instead. Unfortunately, it’s far too late for that.

Though Trump has made a slew of misogynistic comments in the past, the 2005 video hit a different nerve. While his other comments were either said in an interview or on camera with his consent, this video was made while he didn’t realize his microphone was still on. While he thought his comments were private, they most definitely were not. And this is why it hit a nerve: off camera, away from the limelight, Trump’s vulgar self is even worse; his on-camera persona is not an act.

The defending arguments is: That’s just guy behavior; that’s what men say to each other in the locker room. I’m sorry to tell you, but if that’s how you talk about women, as if they were only there for your pleasure and objectification, then you are a misogynist. A whole list of “ists” and “ics” already described Trump before the video was released: sexist, racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic. But now “misogynist” is fully proven to be on the list.

Trump has been overtly Islamophobic towards Muslims, who make up about 1% of the U.S.’ population. Trump has been overtly racist towards Mexicans, who make up about 11% of the population. He’s targeted veterans; he’s targeted individual women, including his own daughter, Ivanka, who he said is alright to be called “a piece of ass.” But now he’s targeted all women: over half of the American population, and that’s why he’s finally hit a nerve.

What’s worse, he talked about cheating on his wife with a married woman, and he talked about forcing himself on women while his newly-wed was pregnant with his son.

Many people try to defend Trump by using the argument, “He’s not trying to be the Pope.” And no, you’re right. But you know what he is running for? The Presidency of the United States of America. And our President should have, in the very least, respect and acceptance of different groups of people in our country. I would honestly be afraid to have a daughter if Trump became president. Would I want a boy to call my daughter “a piece of ass” because President Trump says it’s okay to call girls and women that? If the President thinks that women are only objects, it must be okay for him to think that too, right?

And though Trump never directly apologizes for his statements, the outbreak of this video has made him attempt to (somewhat) apologize, because he knew if he didn’t, his campaign was down the drain. But maybe it was already in the sewers.

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I Am Proud To Be An American, I Profess This Loud And Proud

This country is the land of opportunity, I am humbled and honored by those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for me to be able to have life, liberty and to pursue happiness.


This past summer, I was blessed enough to get to work in one of the most breath-taking places I have ever been, and I was doing one of the best jobs you could dream. I was in northeast Wyoming, working on a cattle ranch. Not only was I doing a job that I really enjoyed, but I also got the chance to go to some fun activities. One of the highlights was the Wyo Rodeo. Sheridan, Wyoming was alive with a cowboy enthusiasm, or at least more so than usual. The streets were full, and everyone was feeling great.

During the rodeo, an Army veteran skydived into the rodeo arena. This alone is cool, but his story was even more incredible.

He had lost both his legs in a mid-air collision when he was serving our country. As he descended into the arena, he brought a giant American flag with him. Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" was playing, and the crowd stood to honor this incredible man as he showed his love for his country. As all the first responders hurried to catch the flag and help this hero. They pulled all the edges of the flag tight. Everyone in the crowd was able to see this massive flag which only made them cheer louder. Not a single person wore a hat and every heart was covered by the right hand.

Being in the cowboy state at a rodeo with some of the most incredible people I have ever met made me realize again, I love our country.

I love America for infinite reasons. Mostly, I am allowed to travel alone or come to a whole new state to live and go to school. I am blessed to have the freedoms that are listed and protected by the Constitution. Because I am an American, and thus, free, I can travel, get an education, and have a say-so in what goes on in Washington. I am proud to be an American because I am free.

I am proud to be an American, I profess this loud and proud.

This country is the land of opportunity, I am humbled and honored by those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for me to be able to have life, liberty and to pursue happiness. This skydiving man who, despite having undergone some serious injuries, continues to show his love for our country by falling from the sky with the flag of the country he fought for, is a symbol of how incredibly resilient our country is and how much our freedom is worth. I urge you to reflect and find a reason each week why you're proud to be an American.

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