Trump Still Doesn't Believe In Climate Change

Trump Still Doesn't Believe in Climate Change

Even after his own administration proves him wrong

Since the 17th day of January in the year 2017, the United States, and more importantly the entire world, have been misfortuned by one mans particular existence and his utter inability of kindness and view outside his own personalized bubble. Some may say, January 17th was the day the Earths heart shrank two sizes too small. Not only has Donald Trump visited the California fires, and spoke to law enforcement officials (firefighters, and other local volunteers), about how the fires were NOT caused by climate change, but due to the "underlayer of brush located on the floors of the forest". Trump then went to defend his claim of brush being the underlying cause, by saying how America needs to hire folk, who will work for the State of California, and RAKE each area of the forests, each day…to reduce the cause of these harmful fires. So what Mr. Donald Trump is telling America is that we need around a few thousand to be employed by the state, to get up each morning and grab their rakes, to hopefully abolish these lives to alter fires?! Think it couldn't get any worse? Oh, you just wait…not only have White House representatives tried to spill the truth tea of climate change to Trump, and all of its pure evidence, but EVEN THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS NOW TRYING TO PORTRAY CLIMATE CHANGE IN SIMPLE WAYS to get Mr. Donald Trump himself to believe the catastrophes that are happening to the United States, he holds so close to his heart. You would think a man who wants to "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN", would start with something as important as this.

Just to remind a few of you who also believe that climate change is a hoax, what is currently happening to our land and atmosphere.

1. Temperatures are rising worldwide due to greenhouse gases trapping more heat in the atmosphere.

2. Droughts are becoming longer and more extreme around the world.

3. Tropical storms becoming more severe due to warmer ocean water temperatures.

4. As temperatures rise there is less snowpack in mountain ranges and polar areas and the snow melts faster.

5. Overall, glaciers are melting at a faster rate.

6. Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean around the North Pole is melting faster with the warmer temperatures.

7. Permafrost is melting, releasing methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.

8. Sea levels are rising, threatening coastal communities and estuarine ecosystems.

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But hey! Who are we kidding!!!! Climate change isn't the biggest deal, right? Not only are we losing several hundred species, historical landmarks, and habitats, but who would want to side with environmentally sound LIBERALS?!?!

Psh, gross right?

-your local environmentally sound liberal

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