While some people were fired, others resigned or retired for various reasons. President Trump's administration has seen a large amount of turnover throughout his presidency. The White House seems to have a new face in it every single day. According to a study done by Brookings, President Trump has had the highest turnover rate of White House staff, cabinet, and the highest turnover in each single department. A lot of the departments are lead by "acting" secretaries rather than the ones who were originally approved by the Senate.

There have been five White House communications chiefs, all spanning different lengths of time. For example, Anthony Scaramucci lasted less than a week and Bill Shine lasted eight months. With the resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump could become the first president since Ronald Reagan to have three different people as the cabinet secretary for a single agency.

The administration has been hit by several high profile departures like John Kelly and James Mattis as Chief of Staff. as well as Nikki Haley, the former Ambassador to the UN. The latest, Kirstjen Nielsen, was supposedly ousted by the President because he believed she wasn't doing enough to lessen the number of immigrants from Central America attempting to illegally cross the border. The first departure, Sally Yates, came only 10 days after the President was sworn into office. She was dismissed for insubordination for refusing to uphold Trump's travel ban.

Trump's secretaries and cabinet picks have been coming and going like it's going out of style. Hopefully, this will calm down a bit for a while. Some think this is happening only because Trump wants something done a certain way, and then someone says no, so they are forced out or resign due to rising pressure. Whatever the reason is for all of this overturn, one can hope that there will be some stability from here on out.