10 life lessons my mom has taught me

10 Life Lessons From The Woman That Has Taught Me More Than A Textbook Ever Will

I will always love you unconditionally Mom.


Some people in this life can make you smile even when they are not around. Any time my Mom pops into my head I can not help but feel my lips curl up and hear myself quietly giggling. She makes the world a special place for me just by being in it.

My mom has taught me more than anyone I know in this whole world. The lessons that I learned through her character and personality deserve to be documented. Here are a few of the thousands out there.

1. Never talk bad about anyone. It is possible to find the good in anyone out there.

Hannah Niebel

Throughout the 21 years of knowing my Mom, I have never once heard her put anyone down, ever. I could even be complaining about her to someone who I felt was specifically out to get me and her response was always the same thing every time. "Hannah, can you try and think of one good thing to say about them?" Sure it was frustrating, but every time she asked me I couldn't help but think about the positives in that person.

2. Do not overthink things. Go with your gut.

Hannah Niebel

We Niebel's are a pretty impulsive bunch, and I would like to say I got that from my Mom. She taught me that my natural instinct is usually what is right.

3. Always be strong and brave.

Hannah Niebel

I can remember crying to my Mom about 10 different times because I was so nervous to walk into a new school and not no where to sit in the cafeteria. "Once someone gets to know you Hannah, they are going to love you. Never tell yourself otherwise." She always encouraged me to walk in there with my chin up, introduce myself to a group of strangers, and most importantly just to be myself. I can remember constantly repeating the words in my head the class before I walked into the cafeteria alone.

4. Unconditional love is the most important thing we can do for anyone.

People are going to wrong you in life. No one is perfect, and some people just have cold hearts. What my Mom has taught me is to never push anyone out that needs love. Regardless of whatever you and that person have been through, being there for someone that you love, especially family, is the most important thing we can do. She has always told me, "you like because and you love despite."

5. Be selfless and always remain humble.

Hannah Niebel

We took a trip to my grandparent's house and I found my Mom's old high school yearbook. After flipping through a few pages I found a picture of her getting crowned prom queen. I then found two other pictures of her winning the superlatives of most beautiful and most popular. When I asked her about it she claimed that she did not even remember and that she was probably just riding on her older sisters coattails. Once she reads this she will probably be annoyed that I even mentioned that because of how humble she is. If that is not something to look up to, then I do not know what is.

6. Dress for comfort, not for style.

Hannah Niebel

Enough said.

7. You can never volunteer too much in life.

Hannah Niebel

I have never met someone in my entire 21 years of existence that has volunteered more than my mom. The lady loves it. The lesson that she taught me through so much volunteering is that good deeds do sometimes go unnoticed. Honestly, there is absolutely no crime in that whatsoever. If anything it betters you and makes you become more humble as a person and teaches you that it is not necessary to be rewarded for helping others.

8. Happiness is best shared with the people you love the most.

Hannah Niebel

You can visit the most beautiful places in the world, win the lottery, or even become famous. However, those things are not going to be special if you do not have anyone to share it with. Laughter is best shared with the people you love the most. My favorite person to share my happiness with is my Mom.

9. Never give up on something you have a passion for.

Hannah Niebel

My Mom taught me to never give up through the love that she shares with my Father. Marriage is not an easy thing to say the least, but through all the moves, deployments, and the journey that they have shared this far together, the spark that my parents have for each other has never dwindled once. So often growing up, my Dad would leave for months to a year at a time (from deployments). Her love for him only grew stronger and brighter in times of terrible connection phone calls and distance. I hope that one day I can be as strong and as faithful as a wife that my Mom is to my Dad.

10. Be a free spirit. Be different.

Hannah Niebel

She taught me that being normal and trying to fit in is a very boring and unrealistic thing to put myself through. Her character alone showed me that being genuinely yourself and not molding to what society wants us to form to is the best way to go through life.

I am a firm believer that we do not meet anyone on accident. There is a role for everyone that we meet in life. Some will test us, some will make us laugh, some will break us, and others will teach us. The people that are able to bring out the best in us are the people that we should never let go. Mom, you are the person who shaped me into the person that I am today.

No matter what, you have always brought out the best in me even during all those years when I was a devil child. I strive to follow your character and your selflessness through all my actions that I carry out in life. I know that I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have you as a Mom.

You are the strongest and most loving person that I know and I feel so blessed to have been raised by you specifically. You really are one in a million, and for once I am not just saying that to kiss up!!!

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When You Give A Girl A Papa

She'll learn enough lessons to last a lifetime.

When you give a girl a Papa she'll have the best adventures.

She'll run around atop his shoulders and learn to fly. Her imagination will never run dry and she'll always be down for a laugh. He'll tell her stories and wipe away her tears. When you give a girl a Papa she'll have memories to last her years.

Papa is German for Dad but in America, it has become a slang term for grandpa. And while it is just a word, for some, it has a deeper meaning. Papa isn't just a grandfather, he's a best friend, the instigator of mischief, a protector, a storyteller, a rock, the strongest man you know and, most importantly, a hero.

Papa can turn ordinary, everyday activities into an adventure. From a young age, I was running behind him as quickly as my little legs could carry me ready for that day's adventure. I was always down for anything Papa was doing, following him in his daily chores and mimicking his every move. Cuddling up and watching sports in his lazy chair was my favorite time of the day because he always told the best stories. Sitting there hanging onto every word he said because it was the most important thing I ever heard.

Papa is full of experience and wisdom. His wise words provide comfort every time I am sad. He can always make me laugh to fight the tears away. I'm not sure how, but he always knows what to say to make me feel better. Papa is a fearless force that never bows and is never broken. He can weather all of the storms while smiling and laughing. I can only hope to have that resilience when facing life's problems. And when Papa was struggling with his own battles, I will stand right next to him, ready to fight and do all I can for him.

Papa can do a happy dance via the phone so he is the person to call when something good happens. He is always there to celebrate life and all its joy. And, even though he tried to hide them, he cried happy tears the day of my high school graduation. I pretended not to notice.

Leaving Nana and Papa's house is always the worst part of the trip. Driving away waving my hand in the air with tears welling in my eyes because I can't wait for the next adventure. Disappointing Papa was the scariest thing you I could think of, but I knew that he would never stay that way for long. There was always a lesson to learn from mistakes.

He is the man I model all men after. If they don't treat me the way Papa demonstrated, they are not worthy of my time. If they don't make me laugh or have that twinkle of passion in their eyes and fire in their soul like my Papa, then they aren't the man for me.

Papa is my hero. I would give anything to be like him, to stand strong and hold the world together when it just wants to fall apart. To be able to make anyone laugh and feel right at home. To fight for what I believe in and work hard to achieve my goals. To have charisma and charm. To deal with people who wrong me with class and kindness. To follow my faith with questions because that is the only way to make your beliefs stronger. To be the person everyone speaks of with a fond memory in their eye.

At the end of it all, he is my Papa and no one can take his place. I can and will drop anything to be by his side. He has shaped me into the person that I am working to be. I will always call him for advice and kind words.

Best friends come in many forms, but my favorite will always be my Papa.

Cover Image Credit: Jessica Goddard

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To The One Human Who Is Right About Everything In The World, Thank You

Mother knows best.


In our lives, mothers play a role which can't be put into words. Her place in our hearts and everywhere is special and different. As children, our relationship with her is unique as we love her endlessly but our love can't be compared with hers, which goes to extremes and is unconditional.

Today, I am living my dream and following my passion, all because of the sacrifices my mother made for me. She is the one who taught me the meaning of discipline, hard work, and respect. I have never come across any individual in my entire life who is as hardworking as she is. When I was in school, she was the one who used to stay awake with me during my exams so that I could study and not fall asleep. She was so concerned that even though at times she was tired, she could actually not fall asleep until I was done with the studies.

She is the best person to vent to and offers me the best advice along with the personal anecdotes which are both funny and calming. She taught me from being an empathetic human to learning how to be bold and ask for what you deserve. When I hear her childhood experiences, I feel proud that she has always been this hardworking and a competent individual who was not only the best at the studies but also managed her childhood so well even without a mother. Today she is a working mother who is a multitasker and does everything with perfection.

I came to New York last year for my higher studies and my life completely changed, except for one thing: it's my mother who wakes me up in the morning. We are miles apart but a call from her every morning is a part of my daily routine.

It's true that we can never count our mother's activities. Every mother works 24/7 for her family and children which is like a career in itself. Without my mother, I wouldn't be the person I am today. She's always been there, since the day I was born and has worked unimaginably hard in order for me to have the best life.

I am proud of her and I am grateful to have her in my life. Here's wishing all the mothers a very happy Mother's Day.

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