The minute you step onto your college campus, a world of opportunity opens up. You are constantly bombarded with flyers advertising the underwater basket weaving club and career fairs (something you've planned on putting off until the absolute last month of college). But other times, you get to be lucky enough to find something that actually peaks your interest. For Skylar Beasley and Jecha Shamir, that very thing happened when they got to work with the world-class brand PINK. I had the opportunity to sit down with these Campus Representatives to find out all the insider info on what it's really like to be a PINK Campus Representative here at LSU.

So what was the reason behind these two even getting involved with the PINK brand? Skylar saw the chance to develop skills and connections in pursuing fashion merchandising, while Jecha chose to pursue the opportunity because of her love for Victoria's Secret. She told me, "I literally waited what seemed like forever until I was old enough to wear it." While both girls chose to pursue the job for different reasons, both could agree that it seemed like an amazing opportunity that in the end, ended up being a great decision.

Through being a PINK Rep, both girls were given the chance to visit the Victoria's Secret Corporate office in Columbus, Ohio. There, Jecha was trained with all the Campus Reps, allowing her to meet her peers and get a better understanding of what her role would be on campus. Skylar was able to hold a merchandising intern position, giving her "many incredible connections" and learned "what it takes to be a successful fashion retailer." Both Skylar and Jecha definitely agree that being a PINK Rep has helped them with their future endeavors. Both girls believe they have grown as individuals and learned valuable skills to take with them after college. Skylar told us that the greatest lesson she has learned is to always be passionate about your work because "it is 100 percent true that with passion comes success."

Now, I know what you're thinking. How does anyone have time to juggle studying, a social life, and being a PINK Rep?

Skylar and Jecha can reassure you that while it can be complicated at times, it is completely doable. Jecha says that though managing school and being a PINK Rep is difficult at first (hey, being the newbie can be tough!), you eventually learn the ropes and everything is a lot simpler. Skylar definitely agrees that it took some time to get used to it all. But after making her planner her best friend, "color coded and all," she feels like she (usually) has her life together.

Despite the business, the girls didn't forget to mention how fun this opportunity has been! From hosting campus events to promoting the PINK brand to appearing on PINK's international Snapchat, the girls have gotten to experience tons of memorable moments. Jecha cannot help but mention multiple times how being a PINK Rep has allowed her to meet so many people and make lifelong friends. With a campus as big as LSU's, who wouldn't want to make this place a little smaller by joining such a fun group?

Skylar and Jecha say if you've been on the edge of deciding whether or not to apply to be a PINK Rep, you should absolutely do it! Jecha said, "Be you [when applying and interviewing]!" According to the girls, PINK Reps love their school, have unwavering confidence, and are passionate about Victoria's Secret PINK! They are absolutely in love with their job and the people they work with and want any girl interested to have the same opportunity. The question for you is, are you ready to take on the unique and incredible challenge of being a PINK Campus Representative? Applications are open now!