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3 shows to watch on Netflix if you like true crime

I just recently finished number two and I'm an emotional wreck.

3 shows to watch on Netflix if you like true crime

Pretty recently, I've started getting into true crime. I listen to a few podcasts that usually talk about cases and the documentaries or movies that are associated with them and then what their theories are. Listening to these podcasts is one of the best ways for me to pass the time at work, which can get pretty boring, so these shows really keep my brain moving and questioning.

I like to talk about these shows with anyone that will listen, so I figured I'd share some of my favorite true crime shows/documentaries that are on Netflix right now that way you could join in on the excitement.

1. Who Took Johnny

Johnny Gosch was a 12-year-old boy that went missing from West Des Moines, Iowa in 1982. He has now been missing for almost 36 years and his disappearance has been almost untraceable. He was working as a paper-boy on a September morning and he never returned home. No remains were found but there were a few eye-witnesses that saw Johnny speaking to a man in a car near where they later found his paper-wagon and his dog.

I really recommend this documentary if you like a lot of mystery but you should know to go into it that there is a trigger warning for child-molestation and sex-slavery. If those things bother you, I would probably choose one of the other documentaries.

2. The Staircase

This is the most recent true crime documentary I've watched. By that, I mean I literally finished it this morning. I won't go into too much detail because I think this is such an awesome show and one everyone should check out.

In 2003, Michael Peterson, and American-Novelist was convicted of killing his wife, Kathleen. In my opinion, there wasn't a reason to convict him because as you'll see if you decided to watch it, Kathleen died due to a horrific accident in which she fell down the stairs of their home in Durham, North Carolina.

Peterson's fight to prove himself innocent lasted from 2001, the year Kathleen died, until 2017.

3. Amanda Knox

This one I find very relatable and I recommend it for any college-age student that is thinking about studying abroad. Amanda Knox was a college student that went abroad to study in Italy. Like any other student studying abroad, she started hanging out with a boy and easily fell in love with him. Days later, she comes home to find her roommate dead and is then blamed for the murder.

This documentary is crazy and will have you yelling at the screen because you just can't understand how the Italian police could be so cruel and just not understand.

If you're a true crime nut like I am, I would definitely check out some of these documentaries on Netflix. They're a great way to pass the time and really get your brain thinking. I wouldn't watch them alone at night though.

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