5 Ways To Troll Your Obnoxious Tinder Matches
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5 Ways To Troll Your Obnoxious Tinder Matches

Retort before you report!

5 Ways To Troll Your Obnoxious Tinder Matches

Tinder: every creepy guy's favorite platform to harass women with bizarre and/or threatening messages semi-anonymously.

The sad part is, from my own experience, 90% of the time they're not joking. These under-evolved neanderthals truly believe that their embarrassing pick-up lines and unsolicited dick pics will make women swoon.

Although intended to plant the seeds for hook-ups and budding romances, Tinder is basically just a safe-haven for douche lords to say whatever the hell they want and get away with it.

And when we reject them, even nicely, we flip the switch from "Yeah I guess I'd call myself a feminist" to prehistoric, poo-flinging, chest-beating ape.

A few weeks ago, I reactivated my Tinder for the express reason of trolling my matches. And I decided to document it.

From my research, I have comprised a handy dandy list of the best trolling methods. Featuring some images of my own Tinder matches!

Here's how you fracture some fragile masculinity.

1. Come up with a clever "reason" to unmatch them

If you just want to unmatch them and not make a big scene, you might as well come up with a funny reason for it. Don't just click the "No Reason" option. give Tinder a really clever reason why. This is mostly just for yourself, but it's still funny. I didn't report this guy, but

2. Take screenshots of the convo and send it to your friends

Again, more for you than anything, but odds are, you'll have material to make fun of this loser for weeks.

3. In responding to bad pick up lines: Be either really subtle or really overt

If you're going to give a harsh response to a pickup line (and or any dumb thing this loser says), make sure it's very clever and funny. If you're going to be subtle, you can either play along with it and troll them, or just subtly make what they said look stupid until they finally realize you're playing them.

Except this guy never did:

4. Become overly attached really quickly (and/or be really creepy)

PrankDial his ass. Star 67 him.

OR: send him "automated text messages" from a fake texting service you made up. My favorites are "Feminist Facts Daily" and "Queer Love Poem of the Day." Honestly, anything that fractures his hetero-normative masculinity is gold.

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