A Trip To The Island Of Green

Between the weeks of May 17th to June 3rd, I was in Ireland.I stayed for the most part in Dublin with weekend visits to Blarney (the stone mostly) , Aran Islands, and Galway . It was a part of Irish Drama Class that I took back at Le Moyne, and then took classes with the Gaiety School of Acting. I had a lot of fun and an experience to last me a lifetime.

The people I met were so interesting and different I could write movies about. Each had their own backstory . They all did the same thing though. All asked me about myself and/or what it was like living under this current administration. I answered their question and changed the subject. What I was also surprised by how many Americans were over as well. It seemed like every third person was from the United States.

Finally, the places and food was amazing. The local pubs and restaurants had an at atmosphere that was completely different than I expected them to be. I tried new food with a sixty/forty success rate, which is which I won't tell you. My sweet tooth was in full force as I ate so many crepes , drank hot coco, and had candy to last me a lifetime.

I took so many pictures of the places I went that my phone went nuts. Each place had a different than before. Some stories of things I saw I can't put into words. The Aran Island were beautiful.

In short, I would recommend anyone go to Ireland if they want a great time.

Thanks for reading! :)

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