Trip in Uganda

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to go to Uganda. As I made my way around the country, I would take pictures of signs that piqued my interest. These are the best ones that I took. I hope they show a different side of Uganda than what you might be used too.

1. "Poverty is challenge"

2. "Peasant Princes"

3. "Lost Boyz"

4. "Bismillah...Super Man"

If you didn't know... Bismillah means in the name of Allah (or in the name of God).

5. "Jesus is Mine"

6. "God 1st Boss...2nd is Arsenal"

7. "Sorry for You"

8. "Don't Follow Me, Am Also Lost"

9. "Cafe Enuff"

10. "I feel like...Chicken Tonight...Open 24/7"

11. "Isaac Phone Empire"

12. "Sasa Supermarket...Where You Matter Most"

13. "The Home of Radio Sapientia...The Source of Wisdom"

14. "God's Grace Drug Shop...Dubai"

15. "Pepsi...God's Gift Restaurant"

16. "Pepsi...Uganda Government Prison"

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