10 Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Brand Logo
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10 Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Brand Logo

How do you create an iconic logo that everyone will recognize and remember? Most importantly, how do you showcase your logo so it benefits your branding campaigns? We’ll be answering all your pressing questions in today’s article.

Logo on Branding

If you’re new to logo design or you’re simply looking for fresh new ideas then FreeLogoCreator is a good place to start. Then these next 10 tips will help you. We’ll be giving you amazing tricks on how to create a professional logo for your brand and discuss how to showcase your logo for optimal impact on your target audience.

We’ll be giving you 10 amazing tricks on how to create a professional logo for your brand and discuss how to showcase your logo for optimal impact on your target audience.

1. Select a Logo Type That Matches Your Brand​

There are six logotypes to pick from and the one you decide to use can often make or break your branding. Let’s go through these logotypes so you can make a conscientious decision of which one is best suited for your business.

Metallic Logos

A metallic logo design resembles a steel finish using light and shadow to create shine. They come in a variety of colors such as chrome, silver, gold, or bronze.

Metallic logos are ideal for any type of business but it’s commonly used for branding auto companies, jewelry stores, watches, and electronic companies. The Nissan logo is a prime example of a metallic design.


A wordmark or logotype utilizes the name of the company and nothing else. Major companies that opted for the wordmark logo are Google, Coca-Cola, and Canon. This type is ideal for startup companies that want people to see the name of their business whenever they spot their branding, so the target audience can get used to that name.


Pictorial or brand marks utilize a picture that perfectly describes the company name. Here are a few examples of pictorial logos:

  • Twitter’s logo is of a tweeting bird
  • Apple’s logo of an apple with a bite taken out
  • Puma’s logo is of a jumping puma cat

The pictorial logo design is often suitable for companies that are already established with well-known names.


Abstract logo designs are unique and they’re created using icons or symbols. An example of an abstract logo is the P and the S for PlayStation. The P is slanted and upright whereas the S is flat and sort of represents the shadow of the P.

This type of logo design is suitable for well-known companies in any industry but they’re commonly used for digital software businesses.


A mascot logo shows a picture of an animal or person that depicts the company’s mascot. Famous mascot logos include Colonel Sanders from KFC and Tony the Tiger, created by Kellogg’s. This logo type is suitable for startups and well-established businesses in the food or gaming industry.


Emblem logos typically feature fonts inside an icon or symbol. They look like crests, badges or seals. The Warner Bros logo is a perfect example and this design is suitable for companies that want a vintage feel.

2. Create Multiple Renditions of Your Logo

If you’re not sure which logo type would suit your business brand then create multiple versions of it before you make your final decision on what it should look like. It may take time to create various designs but it will help you select the most ideal logo type for your company.

3. Utilize More Geometric Shapes in Your Design 

Shapes are important in creating a clean and professional logo. Many skilled graphic designers use geometric shapes in all their logos because they’re able to build onto the image using layers. Using geometric shapes also makes it easier to streamline the logo during the editing process.

4. Utilize Negative Space as an Actual Design Component

The ratios between positive and negative space can have a huge impact on your design’s impact. For example, if you have too much negative space it can make your logo look distant and unimportant. But there is a way you can use negative space to your advantage. Use the negative space in your logo to create unique shapes or pictures that identify with the brand. For example, Spartan Golf uses the negative space in their logo to form the shape of a Spartan helmet.

5. Test the Concept of Your Logo

Now that you’ve created your logo it’s time to test the concept of your design. First, your logo must be scalable. The logo must never become pixelated no matter how big or small it is. Your logo must be adaptable across all platforms and mediums, including Smartphone screens, PCs and even printed media.

6. Where to Place Your Logo on Your Website

The first place you should make your logo visible is on your company website. It should be the first image or information your visitors see especially if you’re a new company so they start associating it with the other information you provide. To achieve this, place your logo at the top left-hand corner of your website.

7. Showcase Your Logo on Social Media

Once you have your website up and running with your logo, it’s time to show the world how amazing your branding is. Start incorporating your logo on all your social media platforms. Use it as a banner on Facebook and upload it as a profile picture on Instagram and YouTube.

8. Start Promoting Your Company at Events

When you’ve spent some time on your digital branding and people are aware of who you are, it’s time to start attending events. Any type of event is an excellent way to promote your brand by using branded banners, gazebos, flyers and more.

9. Offer Branded Merchandise

People love getting convenient merchandise such as fridge magnets, pens and notepads. Ensure you brand these items so you can hand them out at events or corporate functions to further your brand awareness.

10. Brand Corporate Apparel

Utilizing uniforms is a way to improve your company’s image. It boosts the public’s perception of your reliability and professionalism in your industry. It’s important to brand uniforms, especially for sales representatives so customers will know who your employees represent.

What tricks do you use to get the most out of your brand logo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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