Luigi Is The Best Video Game Character Ever
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Luigi Is The Best Video Game Character Ever

An ode to my favorite video game character.

Luigi Is The Best Video Game Character Ever
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

As a lifelong fan of video games, I have found that they affect me in a lot of ways. In addition to being a way to make friends and create memories, I love how the medium is an interactive field that gives importance to my decisions. I can control another character in a completely different world, and I'm exposed to imaginative worlds where anything can happen. Video games bring character into my life, and I can always rely on them to be a fun way of passing the time. My experiences with games have exposed me to a variety of characters, and one person that has always appealed to me is Luigi from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. franchise.

For me, Luigi is far more interesting than his brother. Mario is a quintessential hero who always manages to save the day, but Luigi provides such a unique contrast to him. Luigi's awkward mannerisms and goofy nature always make me laugh, and I love how Luigi is scared out of his wits most of the time. Luigi's imperfections make him into an endearing character, and his humorous nature brings an odd sense of comic relief to video games. Luigi's weird aura really connects with me, and he reminds me that heroes don't have to be spotless to be interesting.

Luigi also has strong connections with my childhood. Playing on my trusted Game Boy Advance was an essential part of my youth, and Super Mario Advance was a game that defined my childhood. The game was a handheld port of Super Mario Bros. 2, and I was able to travel through that game's levels on a portable format. Super Mario Advance introduced me to challenging games that were unique and encouraged thought, and Luigi emphasized this for me. His mediocre running and power were juxtaposed with exceptional jumping, and Luigi's unique style gave an element of wonder to Super Mario Advance. I loved how Luigi gave some difficulty to the game with his lack of speed and strength, and his jumps let me go to places that his comrades couldn't reach.

I love how Luigi is portrayed in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series, as well. One of his taunts deals damage to players as he kicks the ground in a timid fashion, and it can meteor smash players powerfully. His high jumps and floating abilities give him a lot of control in the air, and Luigi was blessed with power in his move set. He attacks in an odd manner that approaches hilarity, and some of his attacks are based on a silly form of fighting. Luigi's special moves are especially nonsensical, as he can propel himself like a rocket or kill his opponents with a Fire Jump Punch. Luigi looks like he doesn't know what he's doing in Super Smash Bros., and his bizarre demeanor is so cute to me.

Overall, Luigi is my favorite video game character of all time. Even though he isn't as perfect as Mario, Luigi's flaws are charming to me. I love Luigi's bumbling nature, and I like how he's so afraid and unsure of himself. Luigi's personality shows how a hero can be flawed but compelling, and he played such a big role in my childhood. Playing as Luigi in Super Mario Advance gave me a way to play through well-designed levels that intrigued me, and his unique style let me take new paths in a level. Super Smash Bros.

also does a great job of showing off the weirder parts of Luigi's personality, through his attacks and wacky nature. Nintendo has succeeded again in creating a memorable character with Luigi, and he will blow me away for many more years to come.

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