One of my goals for the summer (and life) is to be more sustainable. In being more sustainable, I mean practicing things that are better for the environment. This is something very important to me because we only have one Earth. While some may not care, try to keep in mind that we need the Earth, but she doesn't need us by any means. She was here long before us, so let's do our best to keep her around after us.

1. Go vegan

If this comes as a surprise to you, please view several of my last articles! No, really, check them out, they have relevant information.

2. Stop using plastic straws

Plastic straws are a huge pollutant in our oceans today, and they often confuse sea animals. This confusion leads to consumption which ultimately leads to the unnecessary death of sea turtles. Try opting for either no straw or paper straws! It's super easy to do and leads to a big impact!

3. Invest in reusable straws

The previous item on this list mentions no straws or paper straws. For an even higher impact, try the upcoming Final Straw which is reusable and conveniently portable!

4. Bring your own cup to Starbucks!

If you're a coffee lover, Starbucks offers reusable hot and cold cups! If you buy them once, you can bring them back to participating locations and refill them. This helps to eliminate tons of plastic waste, especially if you're a Starbucks guru.

5. Invest in a reusable set of plastic flatware

As a college student, a lot of events I go to have food. If you're like me, it would be a great idea to buy a reusable, portable set of flatware to minimize your usage of plastic forks, spoons, and knives! They're also reasonably priced—you can get a nice set for under 20 dollars on Amazon.

6. Switch toothbrushes!

Plastic toothbrushes take FOREVER to decompose. They're so thick and sturdy and hate the environment. Try opting for bamboo brands instead! They work just as well and they're aesthetically pleasing.

7. Try your best to avoid palm oil

Palm oil is in basically everything, making it super hard to avoid. However, we can still do our best to avoid it when possible. Save the orangutans!

8. Opt for environmentally friendly shampoo

When buying shampoo and conditioner, look for ones in recycled bottles or no bottles at all. Lush currently offers bar shampoo and conditioner which work very well and smell amazing!

9. Look for environmentally friendly labels

Every time I buy something, I look at all of its labels in hopes of finding an environmentally friendly label. They're easy to spot and chances are that whatever you need will exist in some form of environmental friendliness. For example, I just bought s new journal made from a tree that needs to have its outer layer shaved off in order to continue growing! AND it was cheaper than all the other ones offered in store.

10. Buy reusable grocery bags

These are super inexpensive, a great way to make an impact, and often times super cute!