Let's face it: we live in a fast-paced society. Many of us are just "Go, go go!" all the time and we don't stop to smell the roses, let alone make a little bouquet to put in our room or at our desk. When people live busy lives, it's hard to take a step back every once in a while and consider happiness and the little ways you can treat yourself during the week to make moments just a little more cheery and exciting.

For me, this means taking a few moments each day to do things I love. These are typically little, everyday things that I enjoy and that make my day just a little bit better. I have a busy schedule, being in college and working forty hours a week, but many people are in the same situation and don't take time to treat themselves.

This. Is. So. Important.

Consider the little luxuries in life. Wake up a few minutes earlier to enjoy a nice, long shower or take a quick, fifteen-minute afternoon walk to get a coffee and just spend some time in the sunshine. These are just two ways I like to lighten up my day.

Maybe you're not a coffee fan or a morning person, and that's cool too. When's the last time you ordered yourself a pizza, did a face mask, and drank a glass of wine at home? Treating yourself doesn't have to be expensive, but hey, there's nothing wrong with splurging every once in a while.

If you've had a rough week at work or school, there's nothing like calling up a friend and having a dinner date. Yes, even in the middle of the week, these are AMAZING. Other ways to moderately splurge include an afternoon at the mall or a fun, active activity. Personally, my best friends and I love to ice skate. You might consider kayaking, visiting a trampoline park, swimming, or even just going to the gym for an hour. Being active and having fun is a great way to treat yourself.

Sure, we all get the mid-week and Monday blues and feel a tad sluggish, but just remember, you can take little steps here and there throughout the week to embrace moments that make you happier. Lots of people don't do this, and I can never figure out why.

This week, here's my message to you:

If nobody has told you yet today, let me be the first: You deserve it. Whatever it is, big or small, you deserve it. You work hard, and you deserve to smile.

Now, go out there and be AWESOME.