"Treat Yo Self" To Experiences

"Treat Yo Self" To Experiences

Spending more on experiences rather than those fine leather goods, can make a much more positive impact in your life.

The Berry

In the genius words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, one should always "treat yo self." They say that you should treat yourself to material goods such as clothes, fragrances, massages, mimosas or fine leather goods. I often treat myself to clothes and food almost daily, but I recently have realized that I need to stop myself from spending too much on these things that I will eventually just throw away.

I very recently treated myself to a plane ticket to one of the places that I've always been dying to visit. Everything happens for a reason and I ended up with a decent amount of money where I am able to travel by myself next fall to visit my sister studying abroad in England. This is something that I will always remember for the rest of my life. Not only will it be my first time flying solo on a plane but I will also be visiting a city that I've only dreamed of traveling to with my sister ever since I can remember. Truly an experience I hope that I will never forget.

As I made this purchase I realized that treating myself to a new pair of shorts from Urban Outfitters or a Ben & Jerry's pint, really won't matter to me in the future. I want to treat myself to experiences that I care about and I know that I'll remember. Instead of exploring new foods I want to spend my money exploring different places and countries.

I've never been good at saving my money, except for when it's for something that I really want. Traveling is all that I want in this world. Treating myself to experiences instead of items honestly makes me feel better about myself, which is why I need to stop spending so much daily, and save my money long-term.

It will be hard to cut back on my everyday spending habits because I do enjoy eating out and online shopping, but I know that when I'm older and I finally stop making "Parks and Rec" references wherever I go, I'll want to look back on my life and see all the places that I've been to and I'll be proud of myself that I worked hard for all of the trips I paid for.

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