Treat Yo Self.

If you watch "Parks and Rec" then you know what I’m talking about. However if you don’t, I’ll give you the run down. Characters Tom and Donna have an annual Treat Yo Self day, where the two splurge on clothing, beauty products, drinks, massages and other so-called worldly pleasures. While in the episode they comically try on and buy various expensive clothes whilst convincing friend Ben to buy a Batman costume for himself, real life may not be as indulgent. However, treating oneself is still extremely important, especially for the struggling college student.

The amount of stress that college pushes on young adults is in the simplest terms, ridiculous. Piles of homework, projects and essays will make anyone go mad. Stress over work and depression over failing can overwhelm even the most diligent student. Thus going out every so often and having fun is necessary for a healthy mind and environment.

I remember as mid-terms were going on, I was stressed out of my mind. Almost everyone was sleep deprived and living off of caffeine during the whole ordeal. Massive projects were all due at once and new ones were introduced right after. My friends and I screamed and cried every night, barely finishing everything in time. As things quieted down, me and my friend decided it was the perfect time to treat ourselves.

Cupcakes, clothes, make-up, cute books and everything in between, my friends and I went on a rampage through the city, racking up what we could. Yes, we are college students, and yes we have no money, but it’s still important for your mental health to go out and have fun with friends and have a life. Sometimes a new book or some ice cream can make a huge difference regarding how you feel, emotionally.

Thus, Treat Yo Self. Go to Waffle House for hash browns at three in the morning. Go to Sephora and buy that new lip stain you wanted. Go to Nike and buy those new sneakers you wanted. Go all out or just go along for the fun.

But what’s most important, is that you love and take care of yourself.

Happy shopping!