Travelling Can Help Your Soul

Ever since I was the ripe age of four, I have had the opportunity to travel both within the country and out of it. For as long as I can remember, my happy place has always been the airport. Travelling has become pretty common for my family’s summers, whether it’s relaxing in the beautiful Dominican Republic or visiting family in Poland. Even traveling within the States to sunny Florida for a week, I have discovered that I feel the most at peace and happy when traveling.

Traveling means more than just relocating for a short time. I believe that going on vacation can truly help you find who you are and make you more aware that this world is huge and filled with amazing people. In one vacation, I had the amazing luxury of meeting people from Chile, Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, Russia, and France in one resort, all while in a country that is foreign to me! Hearing so many different languages and still managing to communicate with people from countries all over the world, made me feel at one with the world in a sense. What an amazing thing it is that people from all different cultures can come together and manage to do something as simple as play a game of volleyball on the beach.

Through traveling I have made some amazing friend from around the world that I still keep in contact with. In today's day and age, social media has made communicating with people from around the world. I have friends from other countries that message me from time to time on Facebook or even friends who follow me on Instagram and like my pictures every so often. We have the ability to reminisce about our vacation days together, going on adventures, as well as see what each other are up to back in our home countries.

The funny thing about traveling is that although it shows you how big this world is, it can also show you that it's actually a small world after all. You know how the saying goes, you meet someone random at a party far away from your hometown and it turns out that stranger is actually your best friend's cousin and you let out the old, "wow small world." Similarly, in my many travels, I have meet people in Mexico and the Dominican Republic that happened to live five minutes away from me and I had never known them. Also, I've found my best friends in my adventures in my town in Poland and discovered that my closest friends actually lived in the same town and lived only a couple block's away from my cousin's house.

If only airplane tickets were cheaper, I would spend every free weekend or holiday I had traveling to new places and exploring what amazing sites, views, and experiences the rest of the world has to offer. I understand that traveling can be costly but I guarantee no matter where you travel, it's worth not only the ride but the experience to see how others live even if you travel to a state away, you'd be surprised how different living is in each state. To everybody traveling this summer, enjoy the views and the relaxation you have while away! Even if you are traveling for work, find time to learn something new and see something beautiful because our world is full of aesthetic and everyone deserves the chance to explore the beautiful world we all call home. Safe travels and happy endeavors!

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