Travel Musings

Midnight - We arrive in Scranton despite the bad roads, the snow, and slush. After almost not having a place to sleep for the night we manage to get a hotel room.

4:15 AM - My Alarm goes off for the first time.

4:30 AM - My alarm goes off for second time and I get up to get ready.

4:40 AM - We arrive at the airport and I check in for my flight, still half asleep and nervous as we approach security.

5:15 AM- I say goodbye to my dad and get one last big hug before I go through the metal detectors and head to my gate.

6:00 AM - Did I just hear a cat meowing from a couple rows up, I'm pretty sure that someone has brought their best feline friend along.

6:45 AM - That last howl has confirmed my earlier realization. Someone has definitely brought a cat along with them and it's been crying since we took off.

7:30 AM - despite cranking my iphone's volume to almost full blast I can still hear the poor cat crying. Not to mention I am stuffed in the middle seat and I almost couldn't get my headphones out of my bag.

8:05 AM - "Welcome to Atlanta where the local time is 8:05 and it's sunny and 44 degrees."

My thoughts: Thank god I can get off this airplane and I just hope that cat has reached it's final destination.

Now for a 3 hour layover with hopes of not getting lost. Turns out my dad was right if you follow the signs there is no chance of getting lost. I spend the next three hours wandering around after I have found my gate, I got myself some food and picked out a shot glass (I get one for every state I visit).

10:00 AM - I realize my next flight will be full when they start asking for volunteers to take the later flight. I groan because I have a window seat.

10:45 AM - They finally start boarding my next flight and the women sitting next to me in the waiting area has a dog. My first thought is that "I hope that dog is quieter than the cat on the last flight."

11:00 AM - We take off and I barely get my headphones out of my bag as it is squished under the seat in front of me. Not even 10 minutes later I am thankful for volume control and good music as the man next to me is snoring.

12:30 Mountain Time 2:30 EST- "Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Denver where the local time is 12:30 and it's 7 degrees and snowing." As quickly as it is possible being that I was in the back of the plane I get off and make my way towards the bathroom and the tram. Happy to be back on solid ground and even happier to be spending the week with my mom. I must have really run from the plane because when I get on the tram and to baggage claim I don't see anyone from my flight anywhere.

After 8 hours of travel, my adventure has ended for at least a week. Anyway, tune in next week for the possibility of more.

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